You must have seen the ads for telecommunications companies that offer free international calls from the customer premises offer. This is required to provide you suspicious about these offers and they can be easily ignored or ridiculed him. However, closer examinations of the plan make it clear that this is entirely possible to make free calls worldwide.

Let\\\’s understand the basic premise of this program. The basic premise is the free minutes to call telecommunications companies to make a profit for the user to make their services. The system operator will require the use of free minutes to call you the chance, friends and family internationally with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology uses broadband system to make international calls through your computer and make almost local prices. From the first minutes per month would be free, the same can be used for international calls using VoIP, as locally, that does not stand out at all. Being the call, in this case would make a free call.

But if that\\\’s the case, then why do not companies are withdrawing these gifts? The reason for this is that companies engaging in cut throat competition in the promotion of their services. And the number of people to make free international calls is not significant enough to cause major losses to telecom operators. The usefulness of the system is the limited extent of the minutes of calls. Exceeded at the moment of reckoning is at the threshold of a local call will begin.

The program is especially popular among the communities that have emigrated from another country. You must call your near and dear ones, and the cost of the appeal of the normal call is much more expensive. Therefore the advantage of free calls service has been availed of.

Want to know how to operate this scheme? The only thing you need is to have free minutes on your cell phone. Given a number which must be marked and the instructions must be followed. The customer service representative will ask you to choose the destination country code and number you want. Now you do not disconnect the number and press the ENTER key on your phone, but wait for the service provider will give you the destination phone number connected.

One thing is to take care of the customer. He or she should ask the cellular provider that calls to special numbers that are provided by the service provider is not available to international rates charged. Some mobile phone operators, some of the figures, which add to your service provider you choose and when the black list have been set, is the special free spaces withdrawal of these numbers.

Some people might doubt the legitimacy of this service. It is incorrect to call an illegal operation. In contrast, the longer permit the use of loopholes, free international calls from your cell phone.

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