Phone service is so much a part of every company’s expenses that most do not even hesitate about paying the monthly bill. It is essential, it is familiar, it’s powerful, therefore it stays. Rarely does a firm see if it pays for itself in relation to its share to the company’s overhead cost, much less to earnings. Heads would certainly roll if all budget outlays had been likewise handled in such cavalier a manner, otherwise the organization will go belly up.

Phone service is so much a part of every company’s expenditure that most do not even think twice about paying the monthly bill. It’s essential, it’s familiar, it’s efficient, therefore it stays. Rarely does a business check if it pays for itself vis-à-vis its contribution to the company’s overhead cost, much less to income. If all budget outlays were likewise handled in such cavalier a manner, heads would surely roll, otherwise the company will go belly up.

The improvements in modern telephony provides you much more choices than ever before, and it behooves sound and responsible management practice to consider what’s most beneficial to the business. While before the proverb was, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” now it’s, “If it ain’t broke, fix it.” That, in a nutshell, sums up the importance of constant enhancement. Just because the old phone service works, doesn’t mean it’s nonetheless the best fit for you well into the future. There are lots of phone services available now which will enable business people to function faster, better, bigger. Why be content with the achievement method of yesterday, when you can improve on it for the future?

If your phone service demands you to pay for calls based on distance, duration, and volume; if it costs more than is feasible for your business; if it doesn’t provide you sophisticated facilities that you need for your business; if it doesn’t help you become bigger, better, faster at what you do, then maybe it’s time to evaluate it.

To begin with, a business phone service should provide a business PBX functionality. It has to have the ability to do the following: screen calls; ring different phones in multiple locations; enable easy conference calls; forward calls automatically. It should also have personalized greetings according to hour, day, and occasion; send and receive fax messages on fax machines and computers; have innovative voicemail capability; require zero maintenance. And it should enable you and your staff to make and receive calls, voicemail and fax messages from any location where there’s internet connection, without costing you more in hardware and software management as well as maintenance. Such a phone would make your business function more efficiently and effectively.

There is absolutely no reason why your business should not enjoy all these choices at a low, flat rate for a subscription deal that matches your company’s specific requirements. Particularly when such a phone service is ready to expand when you are, grow right along with you, and have the flexibility to adjust to your company specifications.

The issue is not whether your communications system is adequate for you. The more essential question is: does it help and support you to be the best that you can be? Don’t settle for mediocrity. Strive for excellence. Particularly if doing so implies something as simple as changing your phone service.

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