While I was reading the New Testament a thought ebbed on how a man can transform into a beast within himself and how this state of Man vs. Beast fight happens deep within. This can be categorized into two parts if we consider their characterization. If a person is characterized by his Calmness, Loyalty and Composure, may they be a ‘Man’ or if he is so Vulnerable, Arrogant and cruel may they be a ‘Beast’. Therefore our “so called” research on man results in couple of Man vs. Beast and Beast vs. Beast battle.

I remember a person who led a very standard life, a standard that no one disregarded or disapproved. He was so honest with himself and with the others. But during the end of his days he was criticized for his evil activities and thoughts. This was the resultant of Man vs. Beast battle within himself. So person we are talking here can easily qualify for our first example of a Man. As explained earlier this person enjoyed his decorated lifestyle with truth and peace. He was preaching and advising his people. He was a patriotic idol of their town. He was so loved by his town people and was so helpful. Everyone considered him as Sage & his words as wise. But once he became Pentagenarian, there was a change in his characterization. People never wanted to look at his face or meet him for his advises. His mind averted peace and he started to express greediness of knowledge. He lost his composure and calmness. From that moment he started to unleash his inner Beast on others. He no longer was loved his town and his people. He started to shout at them. This was the result of fight against own beast. After opposing arduously at an age where people start to reach their physical and mental weakness, he lost his battle against his inner beast and it was unleashed upon the people. Even he was worried lest his evil beast would be let loose. This worry made him to lose composure and calmness, then letting his beast loose. This was a perfect example when I think of a Man vs. Beast battle.

For the second example, I remember a thief who was arrogant and cocky. He lived in a forest, as he was never allowed into the town. People never believed him, upon the fear of losing their bearings. He was marked by his uncanny features. People hated him much. But inside his mind, his beast never took the battle. He loved himself and never worried about living on stealth. He was considered Beast of the forest that leads to the town. He attacked everyone crossing the forest and robbed their belongings. But he was never involved in killing anyone. As time passed, he became lonely and he started to hate himself for being alone. Nobody wanted to marry a thief. He tried to attract women by his physical audacity but never once got any beneficial outcome. His mind started to beat himself, the battle began within himself. This battle is a perfect engagement of two beasts, our Beast vs. Beast battle. He unleashed a very deadly beast after his loosing fight within himself. He started to kill people for money afterwards. This battle is our perfect latter example.

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