Because of ever rising gas prices, people are actually desperate to find alternative fuel sources. Consumers are frustrated at having to pay more each time they fill up their tanks. Really the only upside to this is the fact that hopefully they will see the value of conserving fuel by finding alternate way of transportation. Finances seem to influence people’s reasons for doing things. As long as they have the cash, they aren’t that worried about wasting it. The people primarily behind the push for new energy sources are those who are more concerned with the environment and what petroleum-based fuel is doing to it. Without them, there probably wouldn’t be cars functioning on electricity, or hybrids of both gasoline and electric, or even solar-powered.

Right now, you will even find cars using water-to-gas technology that use water to augment their gas. The surge of manufacturers making cars designed to use alternative fuels has had several contributing factors. The governments in numerous nations, especially in Europe, have placed burdensome taxes on fuels and are considering placing even greater restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions. Our environment has become increasingly full of greenhouse gases such as the carbon dioxide which is produced when we drive our vehicles. This really is creating a rise in temperature, leading to changes in climates and global warming.

Hybrid cars, as well as cars that run on ethanol, fuel cells, solar power, and other alternative fuel sources, have been designed. Liquefied petroleum, also known as LPG, runs cars by having a propane/butane mixture. By compressing and liquefying hydrocarbon gases, it could actually decrease the cost of fuel by 50% rather than more standard fuels such as diesel or gasoline. You’ll find vehicles that can be powered by sunlight, as the solar power makes electricity, that can either power an electric motor, or make fuels like hydrogen. Usually, on the roof of the vehicle, is where the solar panels are, that transform the energy of the sun into electrical energy.

An intriguing fuel is actually ethanol, which is an alcohol that is made from plant juice, high levels of sugar, or carbohydrates like wheat. After 1975 Brazil has long been making ethanol from sugar cane, and because of it, has replaced their daily consumption of oil, saving $1.8 billion. Brazil has manufactured 5.4 million cars that function on ethanol and is forwarding them to Japan and Sweden. The industry surrounding the use of ethanol as energy has been responsible for creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and significantly lowering toxic emissions.

Hydrogen-powered cars can be extremely clean going since they only generate the environmentally friendly emissions of heat and water vapor. Hybrid automobiles like the Toyota Prius blend the power of a small gas engine with an electric motor thereby utilizing two separate energy sources. Resolving environmental issues and increasing fuel costs are two reasons to explore alternative energy sources.

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