First Look for your web design company web site in detail. It’s almost always a good indicator of the level of detail will have their new website. See if you can find all the areas in which additional level of detail, such as images, with added effects. This can be rounded corners, gradient effects, fading, etc. It does not matter if you do not want the design elements of your site, it gives you information about the designers and their eye level of detail and quality.

Second Know what you want. Even if you do not know the technical aspects or terms of web design, you need to have a fairly good idea of what you want the end result looks like. If you leave the important details about your site design and functionality of a web designer, you may pay more than you have. If you do not know what features you could ask to look around the internet some of the larger sites. If selling products, you can try and look at or for some design ideas. If it works, it will probably work for you.

Third Ask if a detailed quote. Just as in other areas of business where you have little or no idea of how things are done, or how long they take, it is important to get the service that you pay for the breakdown. Do they only give you the total price for Internet services, has been discussed by phone or e-mail? If so, they are not providing you with information so that you can use other web design companies, compared with. You should ask what their hourly rate, which can help you find out how long it will take to build a website from the total cost!

4th What support is available during and after building your web site? It is very important to know how many changes you can make your own website and it is built, that would not cost you extra. Does the web design company gives you the opportunity to review the progress of the work? How about if you change your mind about the design aspect of the site has been created? These things must be part of your contract before you agree to do work. You do not want a surprise bill for “additional requested web design work” to come down to your inbox. Always be clear on what is happening and what is a web design package.

5th What do you think about the web designer to other clients? If you want to get a fair and impartial view of the fact that there is no better way than to go straight to the source! Find previous customer contact information and send a quick email asking if it is possible that they may be to share some of this information with you.

6th Is your site is search engine friendly? Becoming one of the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo is an inevitable step in the standard web design work has been completed. If you have a new website filled with information about services and products you offer, you want people to find it! Search Engine Optimization, or SEO as it is commonly called, is an art form that takes years to master. It is an ongoing challenge, a web designer to keep up with the ever-changing rules that the search company is doing what is “important”, the search engine rankings.

You should not expect to receive this service free of charge when it is done appropriately knowledgeable person, as it can take hours to complete more than the entire site, and this is an ongoing process. You should be able to solve the optimization of the search that fits your budget level, and still gives you a little increase online visibility. Always ask how the search process will be carried out because everyone can say they “optimize your site and they all entered keyword phrases in several places.

The most important thing to remember about search engine optimization is that it must be based on solid research into their business niche. If your web designer does not know what people look for when trying to find your type of business, you pay just guessing and wasting your money.

7th How to pay? You want to know how the work is paid, and web design work, which is part of your contract and additional services or additional hours. Clearly, the percentage of the total contract is for the time before the started web design services. Not recommended, no good reason to pay more than 50% up front, which is the correct level for both parties. It can be agreed that additional hours are added to the final payment or invoice immediately. As long as you feel that your needs and requirements are met, in any case, it is standard procedure.

8th How much you have control over the content? It is still very common today that all the extra work you want done on the site will make your web designer. If you want to be able to regularly update the content, look, that allows you to access and update information on their web designers. This requires that your website should be dynamic, using the program code elements that separate you from your visitors.

The best type of site for this purpose is a CMS based site. CMS – Content Management System and Web design is a completely different style than the standard static website that only shows the same information every day. If you use a web designer to create your own CMS site, you can have your site visitors to submit comments or to write articles directly to your site such as blog, or to charge different people different levels of access to content on your website.

This is the direction the Internet is moving today, so-called “Web 2.0” sites such as YouTube and Facebook popping up everywhere, where users can add their own video clips, photos and other information. Of course, your site does not have these features using CMS, content management system allows your site easy to grow and expand for future needs. It is important for you to try and find out how you might want to use your own web site within a few years from now, and if you need a CMS or not. This type of construction is generally higher initial cost, but will make all the changes and additional work on your web site winds later.

9th How is communication between you and your web designer? How quickly do you get answers to your letters? Would the answers, long or short, and they seem to get less for each question you asked? Do you want to make sure that you can ask “dumb” questions and still receive the highest level of professionalism of a web designer. Does the person you are talking to the same person that do work on your site? You want to have direct contact with the web designer (s) who intend to work on your website in order to avoid misunderstandings and lost-in-translation “scenario. If you call a web design company, try and feel if they are to your satisfaction, listen to what you say, or, if they keep doing sales pitches to try to convince you to pay for other services.

10th Ask your resume. A professional web designer should be willing to give you their previous work and background CV. Knowing that you are going to work (usually within a few weeks) the person or company in the background gives you a better idea if you have to find a web designer with skills that will best suit your needs. What do you want to be looking for is someone who really has his own line of work and has dedicated his professional life in this area. If a person likes to do what he / she does, it shows detail and quality of work produced – and eventually your new website!

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