Maximuscle Promax Extreme Product Description
– Prime quality, potent protein whey powder (85% whey protein content)
– Good for anyone trying to build some critical muscle and power
– Used and endorsed by high athletes throughout the country
– Straightforward on the digestive system – no bloating or stomach upsets
– Mixes simply with water and has just about zero carbs, fats or lactose
– Combines 7 distinctive substances to help your coaching goals

For those who’re after a lean whey protein with just about zero carbs and fat, plus a few different beneficial components thrown in for good measure, then look no additional! Promax Extreme offers your physique with an important source of vitamins – important for muscle restore, progress and recovery. It comprises a novel blend of various forms of protein, including 85% whey isolates (the purest form of protein), glutamine peptides (one of many essential constituents of muscle tissues) and other hydrolysates.

To further assist you in the direction of attaining your muscle building/toning targets, Promax Extreme also incorporates an useful source of Creatine. It is not stunning then, that Promax Extreme is without doubt one of the hottest protein supplements within the world. In like for like comparisons, you will not discover many rivals that include such a pure, potent supply of protein for supporting lean muscle and power gains.

Accessible in 4 tasty flavours, Promax Extreme mixes quickly and simply with water, making it ultimate to be used before or after training, or everytime you fancy giving your protein consumption a boost. Use Promax Extreme for a month and you’ll be amazed on the outcomes – new muscle growth, lowered muscle breakdown, elevated strength, sooner restoration and better performance all round.

Promax Extreme incorporates Biomax – Maximuscle’s distinctive mix of protein, together with whey isolate, hydrolysates and glutamine peptides. This particular formulation gives your muscle tissue with the important amino acids which can be in demand straight after a workout – particularly the very important BCAAs (branch chain amino acids). This considerably improves the recovery and rebuilding process inside the muscle tissue, serving to to tone and build lean muscle mass. Developed by main sports scientists, Biomax has an optimum nitrogen stability, and is rapidly digested – avoiding the flatulence or bloating that you just’d associate with cheaper protein supplements.

As well as the beneficial glutamine and BCAA content, Promax Extreme can also be excessive in leucine – an amino acid with a proven track-document for supporting muscle growth. There are also high dosages of Beta-ecdysterone, a plant traditional utilized by Jap Bloc Power and Power athletes to extend muscle beneficial properties during training.

Nutritional Information
Each 908g tub accommodates 30x 30g servings. A really useful each day serving (90g) incorporates:
– Energy – 357 Kcal (1493 kJ)
– Protein – 76.5g
– Carbohydrates – 4.95g
– Total fat – 4.05g
– Glutamine peptides – 5g
– Creatine monohydrate – 5g
– Methoxyflavone – 300mg
– L-cysteine – 200mg
– Taurine – 100mg
– Chrysin – 100mg
– Beta-ecdysterone (97%) – 40mg
– Omithine Keto Glutarate – 100mg
– Chromium picolinate – 200mcg

Biomax Extreme (82% – a Maximuscle proprietary top quality blend of whey protein isolates, hydrolysates and whey peptides), cocoa powder in Promax Extreme chocolate, Flavouring: either chocolate/strawberry depending on the flavour displayed on every tub, Colors: cochineal in Promax Extreme strawberry, glutamine peptides, creatine monohydrate, medium chain triglyceride, guar gum, 5-methyl-7methoxy isoflavone, N-acetyl-cysteine, sweetener: acesulfame Okay, ornithine keto-glutarate, chrysin, beta-ecdysterone, chromium polynicotinate.

Merely add one scoop (30g) of Promax Extreme to 200ml of water or milk, and blend thoroughly, both with a fork or in a shaker, until the powder is totally dissolved. To provide your physique with the optimum amount of protein it needs, you should be trying to consume as much as three scoops of Promax Extreme each day. Research have proven that it will considerably aid building lean muscle mass, power and size. Promax Extreme can be utilized with meals to spice up protein content, in between meals as a quick and wholesome, excessive-protein snack, or immediately after training to hurry up efficient recovery. Alternatively, drink Promax Extreme at bedtime to restrict muscle catabolism (breakdown) through the night.

For more informations please visit Explosive Nutrition – maximuscle promax extreme details section.

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