per standard lot for each second of delay.} You would only need to have opened 5 orders that day and lost 1000 dollars.
There are other ways that execution speed can affect things as well.
It’s common knowledge that the quicker you are to market and the sooner you can make a trade the greater your chances of completing the order once the market hits that point.
Also, do you know where your orders will be resting if there are Internet connectivity problems?
So the main factors affecting the speed of execution:
– Trading terminal delay
– An internet connection delay
– Broker execution time
Using a MetaTrader4 terminal will introduce delays at various stages of the deal. Specifically there will be delays from using MT4 itself, plus the delay as information travels across the internet and the time it takes for the trade to be executed by the broker:
The delay caused by MT4 = 600 milliseconds
Internet connection delay = about 100 milliseconds
Broker execution time = about 200 milliseconds
And if you use two or more Expert Advisors, this can increase the delay as MT4 only has one flow, so when the first Expert Advisor sends an order, the other expert advisors wait.
So how can you mitigate this latency?
Get yourself an account from Real ECN Brokerage Company and stream quotes. After that, locate a virtual server close by the server of the broker and make sure there is a fast internet connection. The VPS can then simply ping the broker server.
For those with more than the one EA, put in more than one MT4 terminals using matching passwords and account numbers. And you can use one terminal per EA.
Those of you who have had delays notified to you by the error “trade context is busy” will no longer have this problem.
If you trade on several accounts, for example you are a forex money manager or signal provider, you are most likely to be using a forex account copier. The Meta Trader EA or scripts are the basis for almost all of the forex account copiers.
Every 1/2 – 1 second, the EA (or scripts) are comparing open orders on the master account and sub-accounts. So with this delay now included as well, the total delay will be a minimum of 3 seconds.
As a Signal Provider or Money Manager, how would you like to lessen this latency and save money for your client and you?
PowerTradeCopier – a forex account copier founded on the MT4 API. You can avoid running MT4 trader terminals and this software works directly with broker servers.
The PowerTradeCopier will use 250 flows to send out orders to many thousands of brokers.
By doing this you can shave off 1 and 1/2 seconds when opening / modifying / closing which will save you and your clients’ money.
Other features are:
Copy 5 digit orders to 4 and 4 digit orders to 5.
Use various quote symbols like EURUSD_FX, USDJPY_m, etc
Copy EA signals and manual trades.
With PowerTradeCopier you can copy trades via the internet -useful for forex signal providers
PowerTradeCopier also contains the FIX API module allowing you to send orders to brokers or banks using FIX protocol. For instance: Currenex, ADSS, MIG Bank, AMIFX.

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