minerva rewards is the number two leading gainer for recognition and public interest amongst all Network Marketing companies, based on this month’s edition of Mlm Rankings!!!

This extraordinary result validates the success of our pre-enrollment strategy and the enthusiasm of our members. “The pre-enrollment program continues to be gaining momentum each and every week,” says Jimmy Kossert, VP of Sales. “If there’s this much interest in anticipation of our launch, imagine the influence when we really turn the lights on.”
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Members are especially excited about Minerva’s revolutionary Cash Rewards Compensation Plan, which will be unveiled early subsequent week. It promises to be each enjoyable and rewarding, permitting members to make a bit side income, or to build a lucrative supply of primary income.
“We want everyone to be successful,” says Kossert. “But much more importantly, we want everybody to succeed based upon their individual definition of achievement and on their very own terms.”

Timing and Positioning is Everything. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4vu467Ko6E

A totally distinctive element of the Minerva Compensation Plan is our International Income Sharing Pools whereby members are actually vested within the business. As MinervaPlace.com grows and revenues increase, members are rewarded accordingly. They’re compensated not only from ad revenue, but on all company commissionable sales volume, whether or not the revenue volume was generated inside your specific team.
Minerva place is going to be 1 from the greatest international business on-line in 2012. The Diet plan, Well being, Skin, and Beauty business is almost $500 Billion powerful with no Premier website…until now!

Minerva Worldwide, Inc. is a corporation developing MinervaPlace, made to turn out to be the “go to” site for those looking for wealthy content material on weight reduction and related health and beauty guidance.

Whilst the heart of Minerva Place is to help members slim down also as look and really feel better, the soul from the community is really a commitment to overall wellness. Our guests and members, each women and men across a broad demographic, will interact online and offline on topics about which they’re passionate.
Our Trigger

A third of adults within the U.S. are obese and another third are overweight. Americans are obtaining fatter each and every year, including the 17 percent of children and teens who’re obese! Minerva is devoted to performing some thing about it. Fighting childhood obesity is OUR Trigger AND OUR MISSION and the foundation of a trigger advertising initiative inside the company. A portion of every fundamental Minerva annual membership charge goes to the battle against childhood obesity. http://www.apsense.com/article/minerva-place-discover-the-secrets-to-health-and-wellness.html

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