Sweating is a physiological response for all humans. At some point, everyone will also have to deal with body odor. Both of these things can create problems within your day. The good news is these problems are usually easy to fix and are only temporary. There are those that have to battle these issues nearly every day. Living life like that is very difficult. Sweating too much can lead to funky smells, sweat stains, and other embarrassing issues almost daily. The good news is there are things you can do to control both these issues. Following are some ways to help you in combating these issues.

Don’t wear synthetic fabrics. Wearing polyester, in particular, will add to your issues with body oder and excessive sweating. Synthetic fabrics don’t allow the skin to breathe. Your body is forced to sweat more in order to cool off when your clothes keep air from reaching your skin. These circumstances increase your body odor to embarrassing levels. Synthetic fabrics are also harder to keep clean. So make sure that your clothes fit you loosely and are made from natural fabrics. Thrift shops should remain the home for synthetic fabrics.

Lontophoresis is another possibility for reducing your excessive sweating and body odor. When you receive lontophoresis treatments, your skin is exposed to mild electrical stimulation. If you receive this kind of treatment, it will usually be done to your feet and hands a few times every week. If you want to try this, you have the choice of buying a machine so you can do it at home, or having it done at a doctor’s office. Remember that things get dicey where water and electricity are concerned, so talk to your doctor about whether or not this method of controlling your sweat is best for you.

Extreme cases may require the use of Botox injections to manage excessive sweating and body odor. If you only have every day sweating, this is not the method you should be using. Understand that this treatment is a last resort for controlling intense sweating. The botox is injected to keep your nerves that control the sweat glands from triggering. It doesn’t take much Botox at all to completely incapacitate these glands. It is extremely important to discuss this with your doctor and an endocrinologist before using this method. Using botox, especially in this circumstance, can only be done with a doctor’s consent because it is a poison. It can be painful and humiliating to live with excessive sweating and body odor. You have to be brave to try and overcome it. You also need a certain amount of patience, as you often have to experiment before you find a treatment that works for you. However, sooner or later, you’ll come upon the right answer and then you can leave this problem behind. You will be able to live like everyone else! It’s just a matter of finding out how to reach that point!

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