If you know what you need, looking for a new phone service for your nationwide retail business may not be as hard as you think. It goes without saying that with a business this scale, you need to get an IP telephone system. You absolutely need a phone service that can accommodate all the external and internal calls you’ll be getting and making if you’re branching out to open retail shops all over the country.

Conference calls. Each week, get all your branch managers in one location. There are tasks that cannot be handled by mere phone calls and emails. A conference call can let you and your staff to brainstorm for new ideas together as well as learn from each other’s experiences real time. Not only does this save time but can help establish rapport among your employees, which is needed so they can get in touch with and help each other without you having to mediate each time. Holding conference calls shows your staff also that you value all their opinions and exchange of ideas is welcome in your organization.

800 number. The 800 number is marketing gift to the retail business. With the amount of competition around, having a tollfree number opens an unimaginable number of doors. It is a way of making yourself accessible to your target market and getting your product on the market. They will appreciate your company’s efforts to make it affordable for them to reach you. Aside from that, they will also remember your name and number easily. With your phone service’s 800 number, geography will no longer be an issue.

An 800 number is a necessity if buyers could also order your products on the internet because they’ll not be able to hold the item in their hands. In this situation, plenty of buyers would have to call for item specification and clarification. This way, your sales team will not just have the ability to convince the customer to purchase, but also have the chance to sell much more products they never intended to when they called in the first place.

Email to fax. For you, this can certainly make operations management simpler. A lot of faxes that contain supplier contracts, product orders, invoices and such are exchanged in the retail business. The e mail to fax capability of your phone service will make management of all faxes being sent and received by you and all your staff far more effective as you can monitor all transactions conveniently via your online account.

Local number. A must when you have a geographically large-scaled business is an IP phone service with a local number. If your headquarters is based in California and you’ve branches in New York, San Francisco and Miami, for example, it could be wise to get California numbers for all of them. This way, you don’t have to spend on long distance calls and you and your staff can stay in touch any time you need to.

An IP phone service can truly help your burgeoning business turn into a truly big one with a lot more other capabilities that is possible to mention here.

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