Victoria BC is quite a marvelous city and I am glad to have been able to explore that part of the Pacific Northwest covered in snow.

I took my first trip to Victoria BC during the biggest snowstorm of the year! It should have been obvious when I got on the ferry in route to my accommodation in Victoria that I would be arriving in a winter wonderland. It is true that my favorite weather website predicted record breaking snowfall in Seattle; I really should have expected a decent accumulation of snow in Victoria, but little did I know how much snow! Victoria BC is quite a charming city and I am glad to have been able to tour that part of the Pacific Northwest covered in snow.

Getting to Victoria BC
I arrived at the Victoria Clipper ticketing counter about an hour before my 8:00 am departure in order to check-in! Since I was traveling in the winter there were not that many vacationers, but during the spring-fall months I could definitely see where arriving to the terminal at least an hour and a half before the Clipper’s departure would do you good. Your check-in number has a direct affect on where you sit since they call boarding based on what number your ticket is with no assigned seating. Inside the Clipper there are some roomy seats with mini-tables in the middle so that passengers face each other but there are a lot of airline-type seats as well. I suggest arriving (or checking-in online with the extra fee) early so that you can guarantee you will get the seat that you want! Overall, my experience on the Victoria Clipper was quite pleasant and I arrived safely.

A Victoria BC Diner
Between visiting a friend and my snacks around the Victoria Inn, I only ate out once during my trip to Victoria BC and that was for brunch one day at a joint called John’s Place. I am a fresh bread lover (and maker) and the first thing the waitress did was bring me a basket of perfectly soft and delicious herb bread. I ordered the fish and chips (BUT WITH HALIBUT !!!) and it was sooo good. Their menu also stated that they had been featured on the Food Network so I suppose you can learn more about them in fancy video clips on the world wide web. I also stopped by a Danish bakery and because it was snowing and their regular customer base didn’t seem to stop in, a lot of their fancy pastries were a dollar! I bought a dozen caramel cups with whipped cream, nuts and cherries—best purchase of the new year so far!

An Island Mentality
I had always heard that Canadians were friendly, but I find this to be extremely true in the island city of Victoria. There is an environmentally progressive and peaceful attitude in this Vancouver Island city that really enhances the welcoming feel as you explore the neighborhoods.

My temporary Victoria home was a bike friendly hotel called It is locally owned and managed (check out their Victoria BC blog of events they sponsor and participate in) and sponsors a lot of community events and British Columbia environmental groups like the BC Land Conservancy and the Sierra Club of BC.

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