Nebulization is a method of treatment that helps to clear blocked airways and improve lung function. Nebulizers can be used both in hospital and domestic environments. These devices offer key ways in which to help patients with respiratory conditions to breathe more easily.

Who Uses Nebulisers?

There is nothing worse than the feeling that you cannot draw enough air into your lungs. This can cause a panic reaction that can make breathing difficulties even worse. Nebulisers are important devices that can help to relieve breathing problems and also calm and relax patients.

Unfortunately there are a number of conditions which do affect that lungs and airways. A large percentage of patients do still use nebulizers both as part of their daily treatment and also for emergency situations. There are several main conditions in which nebulisers are prescribed for the delivery of medication to the lungs and airways:

• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

• Severe bronchitis

• Severe asthma

• Cystic fibrosis

How do Nebulizers Work?

Nebulisers are actually very simple devices that have remained largely unchanged for many years. Nebulizers use several methods to turn liquid medication into a vapour. This vapour is then delivered to the patient via a mouthpiece or face mask and they can breathe it safely into the airways and lungs. Because the droplets of medication are very fine they do not cause a choking or suffocation hazard.

• One of the main benefits of nebulisers is that they can start to work straight away to clear any blockages and open up the muscles of the airways.

• This can aid better breathing and is particularly useful in emergency situations.

• Nebulizers can be very comforting to patients and can help to improve their quality of life.

• They will know they can use nebulisers at home to provide fast treatment if they do experience any breathing difficulties.

• This gives them more freedom and reduces their reliance on hospital based treatments.

• Nebulizers are also suitable for treating young children and vulnerable adults. All they will have to do is breathe in the vapour and this is an easy and calming way for them to take medication.

Buying Nebulisers

You can buy your own nebulizers to use at home. There are a number of portable options as well that can be used when you are out and about. This offers convenience to you and will ensure you can get the treatment you need when you want it.

• There are many different types of nebulizers available online. This is the fast and easy way for you to order and pay for the right machine for you.

• Talk to your doctor about which nebulisers would work best with your medication. Some devices are more appropriate for certain types of liquid drugs than others.

Nebulizers can provide key methods to help patients to breathe easier. These devices can quickly deliver medication to the airways and lungs for fast acting treatments.

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