Every business house, be it small or large, believes in conducting business in a hassle free and smooth manner. But this is not always true, considering the growing trend of litigations in corporate world. Also, there is a rise in corporate face-offs within the enterprise due to vested interests of individuals; not to say about the threat from business rivals. This has led to business houses taking frequent aid of Private Investigator. These detective agencies, with the help of specialized undercover operatives and sophisticated digital surveillance, find a way to the root of the matter which aids in solving the case.
Optimal Intelligence, a premier investigation service, based in California has been providing top-notch investigative solutions for several decades. The company has catered to many high profile clients, who swear by Optimal Intelligence’s professionalism and privacy. Optimal Intelligence specializes in many investigative solutions like Insurance fraud, business, civil, domestic, computer surveillance & forensic, background investigations, etc.
Background investigation is a highly specialized service which requires extremely competent personnel’s and advanced digital investigative surveillance equipments. Business investigations have many aspects but most common is gathering authentic information about the identity, location and credibility of the company with which you are or will be dealing. Optimal Intelligence teams of Background Investigators are smart, manipulative; operates in a swift and professional manner. After making a comprehensive analysis on the requirements of the client, our operatives create the action plan for execution.
Optimal Intelligence also has extensive expertise in finance related investigations. Recently with the rise in insurance fraud cases like false claim, subrogation etc, many insurers are facing a tough time in handling them. Subrogation relates to a situation where the insurer seeks reimbursement after it has covered a person’s injury or loss of insured item, but later it came to notice that the insured person was legally guilty for the incident; assuming it is a case of accident.
The founders of Optimal Intelligence have a combined experience of more than 100 years in investigative arena. Currently, it is headed by Jonathon Robinson, who has proven investigative acumen which is a result of years of experience in this industry.
Please feel free to contact us if you need only the best investigative service.

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