Continued the demolitions, which began Saturday evening and continued throughout the night as bulldozers worked till dawn in the neighborhood of Bilal in the town of Abbottabad.
Witnesses said security forces had cut the road leading to the complex and brought in heavy machinery to the scene and prevented journalists from approaching or taking pictures of the site.

The AFP reporter was able to see the empty rooms and cabinets and a chair inside the house. The correspondent said that more than half of the complex has been demolished and four bulldozers are “destroying” the foundations and concrete walls.

And spread on the site about 500 police officers cordoned off a security in the place in the presence of soldiers in the inner courtyard of the complex.

He said a police official told AFP that “the works of demolition undertaken by the security forces and elements of the army continued throughout the night,” while officials said that the business will continue Sunday.

The security forces were placed under the control of the compound since the death of bin Laden by U.S. special forces in the process of a secret landing by helicopter has not been notified by Islamabad.

The al Qaeda leader was taken from this complex based for many years where he lived with his three wives and nine sons and one Ahvadehbdot Pakistani authorities yesterday, Saturday the demolition of the compound, which was home to bin Laden in the town of Abbotabad for several years, and killed by U.S. forces in May last year, and after that turned into a shrine in general, and his memories become difficult in the country.

The Tribune newspaper Express that the security authorities in the demolition in the evening, after having imposed Cardona security around him, bulldozers and mechanical demolition of the complex, as confirmed by its local residents.

Residents in the area, authorities set up flood lights so they could work after dark, and bulldozers demolished the outer walls, and having bulldozers demolished the outer walls, moved to the demolition of the courtyard itself, and was overshadowed by the deterioration after the fall of the helicopter of the U.S. forces inside.

An official at the Pakistani intelligence services that the demolition was in progress, but declined to say why the government chose to do so. Libya has urged its neighbors to hand over the supporters of the Libyan leader late Muammar Gaddafi, who fled the country, saying that bilateral relations could be jeopardized if there is no cooperation in this regard .

He did not specify Mustafa Abdul Jalil, Arsenal vs Tottenham Live Stream chairman of the National Transitional ruling in Libya any particular countries, but said that Libya had spoken to Arab and African countries in this matter.

He said in a news conference that the Transitional National Assembly and the transitional government and the Libyan people addressed the neighboring countries to demand it of mutual respect and non-interference in internal affairs of Libya and expressed his regret for not responding to it.

He said they serve as hosts to the enemies of the Libyan people and the money they stole and killed the Libyan Jamahiriya, explaining that he has evidence that these people have committed crimes, without specifying from whom you want Libya to extradite them.

And urged Libya to Niger this month delivery Saadi Gaddafi, saying his call to the Libyans to prepare for the coming uprising threatens the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Niger received that she could not deliver Saadi he will face death penalty in Libya. Saadi fled south to the Niger in September.

But officials in Libya and Niger, said Niger authorities imposed severe restrictions on the movement of Saadi.

Provided descriptive wife and daughter Aisha Gaddafi and his two sons Muhammad and Hannibal to Algeria in August.

Algeria says it sheltered for humanitarian reasons, but ordered them to stay away from politics after being angered Aisha, the Libyan government last year when she told the media that her father is still fighting to keep Balsulthazzat France and Libya on Saturday evening in Tripoli their cooperation in the field of defense, especially at the level of assistance in monitoring the Libyan border Paris and take the training officers and specialists in the Libyan army.
The French Defence Minister Gerard Arsenal vs Tottenham Live Stream Ongah in a press conference after the signing of “Memorandum of intentions for bilateral cooperation” with his Libyan counterpart Osama Aljowaily “Cooperation between Libya and France is a long-term project.”

“The site of Libya as a link between Africa and the Mediterranean makes them vulnerable,” especially illegal immigration, saying that “everyone’s interest to stop the smuggling of human beings, weapons and drugs.”
And promotion of the use is especially the means of advanced technology, aircraft and satellites and radar systems and also trained in the use of the elements of these technologies.

Also, Paris and Tripoli plans to strengthen their cooperation in the field of maritime security, given that the French teams involved in the several months since the removal of mines from Libyan ports. Agreement was signed for the training of about seventy diver Libya in France.
On the other hand, France will take over the rehabilitation of Mirage “and F”, which was the Libyan army have a dozen of them before the outbreak of the conflict.

In response to a question about the Liverpool vs Cardiff Live stream situation in the south of Libya, where clashes broke out between the tribes in the past two weeks, Aljowaily denied the existence of “any evidence of the elements of foreign intervention in Libya,” in the context of this case.
“It was calm and we will move the wounded,” stressing that the Libyan authorities’ control of the situation “will” to address this problem through dialogue. ”

Ongah had visited earlier with his Libyan counterpart Alzentan area in south-west of Tripoli, which formed the stronghold of the rebels against the regime of Libyan Muammar Gaddafi.
Aljowaily stressed on the necessity that the young Libyans who took part in the revolution did not join the army so far, “the evacuation sites where they are and hand over their weapons” to allow the re-organization of the Libyan army.

He will visit the cities of Ongah Sunday Misurata and Benghazi in the east of the country to conclude a visit to Libya, a three-day on the occasion of first anniversary of the outbreak of the Revolution still Allibahoma Baghdadi Ali Al Mahmoudi the Prime Minister of Gaddafi in a Tunisian prison pending a decision on his extradition to Libya. It is believed that other officials of the Qaddafi regime fled from Libya during the conflict in the past year.

Abdul Jalil said they sent notes to these countries and some Arab countries and other African hand over these people, but these countries have not taken legal steps to extradite them or prevent them from acting against Libya.

He added that the Libyan people will not forgive any state refuses to extradite them and the relations with these countries depends on their cooperation in this matter.

In response to a question on whether Libya was cut off relations with these countries in case of failure to

cooperate Abdul Jalil said that the Transitional National Assembly and the government asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to send envoys to these countries to find a solution to this issue, adding that the Libyan people Hanz would make the right decision.

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