It seems that everyone today is taking singing lessons so they can be the next “American Idol ” or “X-Factor Champion”. After all, appearing on one of these and many other competitions can put you in the running for an extremely lucrative singing career. But when it comes to taking singing lessons, it is severely important that you find a vocal instructor that not only knows exactly how to coach your voice correctly, but has verified testimonials and a great reputation in the singing world.

Master Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin of KTVA (Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy), considered by several irrefutable music pros as one of the best vocal coaches on the planet today, has seen deplorable results that were caused by singing instructors who have no clue as to the correct techniques and methods for training singing students.

“I’ve known folks who began with very healthy singing voices that took voice training from singing coaches they failed to check out before taking the training, ” said Ken Tamplin. “Many of these people ended up ruining their voices. It’s absolutely deplorable!”

The stories of men and women seriously damaging their singing voice due to improper vocal training is on the upswing. Like a young lady who already had a fantastic singing capacity. She moved to New York to chase a career on the Broadway stage and was quick to employ a voice teacher. She never looked into the background of the coach and implemented a rigorous training program that, over the course of three months, shredded her vocal cords. It’s been over two years now, and she has her voice back but it will never be the same. She had slaved her entire life for a singing career only to have this vocal instructor crush it in 3 months because he really did not know what he was doing. She was absolutely dejected.

In fact, there seems to be a dramatic rise in the number of appointments made with voice doctors for several vocal problems, many which can be traced back to incorrect voice instruction. Incidences of strained vocal cords, dangerous swelling, nodules and throat ruptures are commonplace. Many of these students shared that they were told by their voice coach their throat would feel strained for a short period of time while the voice coach instructed them.

“That is absolutely wrong,” said Ken Tamplin. “When taking singing lessons or online singing lessons, if you practice proper vocal techniques and methods, there should never be any tightness or discomfort at all.”

He was careful to share that some of the blame may rest on the student. “Some people need to be a singing sensation, like, yesterday. They rush to cultivate their singing voice and ability as quickly as possible and push themselves beyond what their voice can tolerate because they’re moving far too fast in the training process. But, any conscientious vocal coach should directly recognize this and enlighten the student as to the damage they are causing their vocal instrument if they practice too hard.”

Ken Tamplin has been teaching singing lessons and online singing lessons for over 25 years. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy teaches thousands of men and women every year, around the world, the accurate, innovative techniques and methods for developing and increasing their singing capacity and talent. Ken Tamplin trained with some of the greatest voice instructors in the world and has 29 albums he has produced. Ken has originated unbelievable training techniques that are highly regarded by scores of the top vocalists of our day.

Ken Tamplin is an International Voice Teacher who really did his homework to bring helpful facts about training your singing voice to the masses. For an Authentic and High-principled Singing Lesson Coach who REALLY gets the job done, go to How To Sing Course . All of Ken’s patrons enjoy extraordinary success!
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