Quite possibly one of the most touching and miraculous days in a woman’s life is the birth of their child. The many months of sickness, pondering, worrying, daydreaming and anticipation are finally over and your newborn has arrived. For most women, the miracle of birth is not marred by tragedy, and their beautiful infant is born healthy, normal and welcomed into the world with open arms and open hearts full of love. However, tragically, there are unfortunate cases where the doctor, nurse or other medical practitioner made a mistake and caused a devastating injury to your newborn child. When an infant is injured during the birthing process, this can affect their entire life, as well as the lives of their parents and other family members. If your child has suffered any type of birth injury, it is imperative for you to contact experienced and knowledgeable Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers that will be able to hold those who made those mistakes accountable.

You and your child should not have to suffer for the rest of your lives because a doctor or nurse made a tragic mistake. There are a wide variety of birth injuries that can result from negligent acts from doctors and other healthcare practitioners. These injuries can include failure to monitor or respond to changes in your baby’s heart rate prior to delivery, mechanical issues, over medicating and failure to manage a delayed or high-risk delivery properly. The medical staff may also have failed to recognize fetal distress, oxygen deprivation, umbilical cord strangulation and failing to perform a cesarean section when it was needed for the safety of your child. All of these types of birth injuries occur during labor and delivery of your child, but there are many different injuries that can occur during your pregnancy. Often, medical care professionals did not diagnose or properly treat those conditions during your pregnancy, and in turn, lead to birth injuries.

If your doctor fails to identify that something is wrong during your pregnancy, and your newborn was either seriously hurt or died during birth, your doctor may have committed malpractice. In cases such as this, it is important for you to contact Phoenix personal injury attorneys that have extensive experience in birth injury cases. They will understand the different negligent behaviors of doctors and other healthcare providers, which can potentially lead to tragic errors that will change your child’s life forever. Often, these can also include shoulder dystocia, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, hypoxia, head injuries, forceps or vacuum injuries and many more. The day that your child comes into this world should be a glorious day to be celebrated for years to come. It should not be marred by tragedy, when the doctor or other healthcare professional if you have put your trust and faith into makes a mistake that you and your child will have to suffer for the rest of your lives. Instead, contact an experienced team of Phoenix personal injury attorneys that will be able to tell you if you have a genuine case for litigation against those who were at fault and potentially help you with financial compensation.

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers will be able to help you decipher if you have a genuine case for litigation in the event of a birth injury to your newborn child.

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