There’s More to Pool Tables Than You Thought

A pool table can be a significant investment depending on what you get. You shouldn’t, however, let the high prices of the top model tables scare you off, as you can still get good ones at affordable prices. There are certain standards you will find with the best tables used in regulation professional tournament play. A really top quality table is often considered a collector’s item, and while it may be beautiful, the vast majority of players don’t require anything that elaborate. You can certainly enjoy the benefits of the game on a table less costly than this. Whatever type of pool table you have, it’s essential to take good care of it, and we’ll be looking at the best ways to do this in this article.

Most people call the cloth that covers the surface of the pool table “felt”. In point of fact, that is actually false, as it is not felt at all. The billiard cloth is a fairly particular form of cloth which is clearly designed for pool or billiard tables. It is remarkable to realize that the green color of pool table cloth is symbolic of the earliest pool tables which were actually sections of grass organized on a table. Nowadays pool material often wool or a combination of wool and nylon which is often called “baize”. The cloth has a weight between 21 and 24 ounces, yet you can come across 19 ounce cloth that doesn’t cost as the heavier weight.

If everyday pool tables aren’t quite your preference, you may like Carom billiards tables. The slate beds on Carom tables have a thickness of at least 1.8 inches, which is one difference. The tournament regulation for typical pool tables in the U.S. is a slate bed thickness of at least one inch. Additionally, the slate beds of Carom tables must be heated to a temperature of around nine degrees F higher than room temperature. The slate is given this heat treatment because the game demands a completely dry surface. The idea is to create a faster and smoother game, which is helped by a dry cloth.

You can find different kinds of pool and billiard tables used for different kinds of billiards. Just as there are many different card games, there are many billiard games as well. There is Asian four ball, bumper pool, and Russian pyramid pool to mention a few. Some novelty billiard tables, meanwhile, don’t conform to any traditional game and may have any imaginable type of construction. Many of these tables, however, are still created for the purpose of playing the familiar game of pocket billiards. But they are interesting to note because they are shaped in different geometrical patterns such as circular, hexagonal, and zigzag shapes. In the U.S. most people have seen bumper pool tables. Recreation centers and resorts will often have bumper pool tables on hand. If pool is your fascination you will find learning about tables to be intriguing. You will find that there is a rich history in pool tables and games that has led us to the modern styles of tables we have now. However, there is nothing like owning your own pool table, and you can enjoy many hours of relaxed playing in the comfort of your own home.

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