Youll find people who always seem to be out of time. They continually complain about their busy lives and how they never have enough time. On the flip side, there are some people who appear to do so much and make everyone else wonder whether theyve discovered the secret to prolonging their days in some miraculous way. The mystery is that they have figured out how to be in charge of their time effectively and it is something anyone can learn. Here are some effective time managementideas to get you moving on your journey to being more effective.

Honesty Is the Best Policy

It is important for you to be honest with yourself if you want to be more productive. For 7 days, create a journal in which you take note of your everyday activities and the time you spend on each one. You will probably find that you waste a lot of time on trivial activities. For instance, you may think you only spend half an hour each day watching television but will soon discover its more like two hours a day. So, if you could reduce the two hours to thirty minutes, that means you will be saving a little over ten hours every week.

Take Note of It

Lots of people loathe the idea of creating a task list but they are effective. Firstly, because they clear your mind, helping you to focus on the task at hand. You will not keep stressing about missing your kids dentist appointment or forgetting to pay a bill by the due date simply because youve written it down.

Second, a to-do list enables you to prioritize, which is essential to effective time management. If you work from your home, for instance, your to do list could include things like vacuuming, writing a blog post, doing the laundry, identifying a new product idea and so on. Clearly, your first priority must be to work on your new product and vacuuming or laundry can most certainly wait until the very next day if you run out of time. Yet another reason a to-do list may help you become more effective is because of the total satisfaction and sense of achievement you get from crossing off items as you complete them.

Arrange to Chill out

Everyone repeats that you really need to find time to work more and all their advice is on how to become a little more efficient so you can do exactly that. Nevertheless, if you fail to arrange for breaks and playtime, you will end up burning out, unable to face your life and the things you do. You absolutely should schedule time for yourself to rest. The fact that you have relaxation time to look forward to and the knowledge that youve especially set aside time to do it will make you feel even more motivated to get your work done. Fun time is as, if not more vital, than work. You dont want to spend much of your time playing but you will undoubtedly be more productive if you rest fairly often.

Everybody in this world has the same number of hours to utilize. Working smarter is the key to a higher level of productivity and not really working more. These powerful time management suggestions should help you turn out to be more organized and free up time to do the things you enjoy.

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