If you’re wondering which ab workouts really get the job done, don’t worry, lots of other people are trying to figure this out too. The truth is, there isn’t really a single exercise that’s best for everyone. The true secret is to do different kinds of exercises so that you can work your whole body and work it regularly. There are, however, some particular workouts that are fantastic for your abs and that should definitely be included if you really want to find success. We’ll look at a few of them in this article.

Some of the very best ab workouts won’t even require you to leave your house to get them done. An example of this is bicycle exercise. It’s true that there are benefits to be had from riding a regular bicycle or one of the stationary bicycles at the gym but you can also get a great workout by copying the pedaling motion on your own at home. Just lie down on your floor, hopefully on an exercise mat. Make sure your knees are at a forty five degree angle, put your hands behind your head and then, while you pretend to pedal, touch one knee to the opposing elbow. Do this exercise slowly first and then build up the speed of your repetitions over time. While everyone has heard of doing crunches as part of an ab workout, if you do them on a medicine ball you can get better results, as your range of movement is greatly enhanced on a ball. A medicine ball is about the size of a soccer ball and is weighted; you can find them in the gym but don’t mix them up with larger stability balls (that also have some good uses). You can also do plank exercises on the medicine ball; this is where you put your hands on the medicine ball and put the rest of your body in a push up kind of position. To increase the level of challenge for this exercise, do leg lifts while you perform your planks. If you’re not used to these exercises, however, you can practice them on a mat before using the medicine ball.

Leg lifts are just one kind of exercise that you can do when you do an ab workout. These are important and powerful exercises that will make a serious difference if you do them on a regular basis. To do a leg lift all you need to do is start out with your arms palm side down on the floor or mat. Keep your legs a little bit bent and then raise them up as high as you are able to, hold them up for two seconds and then lower them back down to the floor. At first, you may have trouble raising the legs very high; don’t worry, as getting them off the floor at all will be beneficial, and you’ll gradually be able to get them higher.

In conclusion, it is a good idea to do ab workouts that are not too tedious or difficult for you to do so that your motivation for doing them will stay high. Remember, in terms of working out and being fit, consistency is the answer. There isn’t anything wrong with doing one kind of workout for a few months and then switching to a different kind of workout–this can even help you. The important thing is to do something that’s effective, whether it’s one of the ab workouts we’ve covered here or another good alternative.

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