San Diego students with a master’s degree in psychology often have the desire to continue their education to the post-graduate level. The two post-graduate options for psychology students are PsyD and PhD programs. While both are post-graduate, doctoral-level programs, PhD programs will focus on research and the applied scientific aspects of psychology, while PsyD programs focus more on working directly with people.

The PsyD Alternative

Starting in the mid-60s, universities in California and across the country began to offer a PhD alternative to interested students. This degree became known as the Doctor of Psychology, or PsyD. PsyD programs in California are particularly popular as these programs are more on the therapeutic applications and practice of psychology. It is offered to students interested in learning how the principles of psychology can be applied to particular cases, which is why PsyD programs in San Diego focus on helping students get clinical experience.

In order to pursue an advanced degree in the field of psychology, a bachelor’s degree must have already been earned at an accredited institution. Not all schools require a student’s undergraduate degree be in psychology, but most do. It is important for potential students to understand the admissions and graduation requirements of their school before they apply, especially for an upper level program like a PsyD.

What Happens After a PsyD

After earning a PsyD in California, graduates may choose to pursue a variety of avenues both in the field of psychology and in other fields. New grads may choose to work in a counseling setting with children, families, individuals or groups. The PsyD allows professionals to choose to focus, as well. They may want to work with adults with disabilities or veterans returning from war. Psychologists may find work in hospitals, state or local governmental agencies, clinics or private practices. PsyD practitioners cannot prescribe any medication, but they can provide counseling and refer patients to medical doctors if they think medication may be in order.

Some students may find work in other, non-clinical fields. People with experience in all types of industries may benefit from a PsyD program. Human Resources professionals, for example, could benefit from learning conflict resolution in graduate school. Managers can benefit from PsyD studies, as well.

No matter what your goals are for your post-graduate psychology work in California, students who are interested in working with people can benefit from a PsyD degree from San Diego colleges.

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