If you’ve never gone bowling before, you might find you’re not very good at the game. The concept of the game is quite simple: you roll your ball down the lane and try to knock over as many pins as you can to get the highest score. You have two tries to try and knock every pin down. Almost everyone can bowl. Instinctively the majority of new players understand what they need to do the first time they play. Of course, what newer players have trouble with is mastering the techniques that can raise a score from simply good up to great.

The type of ball you use when you go bowling is important. You don’t need to take your own ball, though, as most bowling alleys will have plenty of bowling balls available to use. You can take a little time to try different balls out. You want to find a ball that is not too light and that is not too heavy. You want a ball with holes big enough that your fingers and thumb fit comfortably. The holes shouldn’t be too tight or too lose, or you risk reducing your control over the ball. You can use a little textured tape for your thumb hold if you need to improve your grip a more. When you’ve chosen a ball, lift and try it to be sure it’s the right one for you. Perfecting your approach and figuring out how many steps you will take is another goal you should have. Anyone who tells you that you absolutely have to take a certain number of steps shouldn’t be minded. Only you can decide what the right number of steps is, because it all depends on you. Your height is part of the determining factors. It depends on the length of your stride. It is affected by your speed and how hard you toss the ball. It is affected by where you are in relation to the throw line when you start. Over many games you will begin to understand where you should start from, how fast you should move, and how many steps you need.

Funnily enough, keeping focused on the ball is also true for bowling. This does not mean that you should stare at the bowling ball as you play the game. The point is to keep your eyes on your goal, or the pins you want to hit. By focusing on your goal, your aim will naturally follow the line of your focus and thus you will be able to send the ball exactly where you want it to go. Just like in baseball, you improve your chances of hitting the ball by focusing on it.

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