As one of company leaders in the GPS market, there are certain expectations about the devices being produced, and the Navman MY60T GPS certainly rises to the occasion. If you have used these devices very much, then you understand that here is only so much that you can expect to be engineered into a GPS. So when it comes to choosing one, it really boils down to the finer details and individual preferences. It is often the individual preferences that will determine the final buying decision. Not all GPS units offer the feature of auto adjusting dimmers on the touchscreen. When comparing different units side by side, some of the differences in the features may not be very discernible. Something that is easily noticed such as the lack of auto dimming could be a deal breaker. Why don’t we talk about the Navman MY60T GPS and see what might appeal to you.

It is obvious that some manufacturers are prefer using the capacitive touchscreens; A 4.7 to 5 inch sized resistive touchscreen is used in the Navman MY60T however. The ability to read a GPS screen in heavy sunlight is a must, and the MY60T performs well in that regard. Screen dimensions are measured on the diagonal from top corner to opposite bottom corner, so the dimensions of the screen should be adequate for most users. One type of behavior that is well known concerns how much more impatient people have become especially when on the internet. While we are not so concerned with that, that may have an impact on how people perceive the speed of operation for anything. Not every function will respond at the same speed on different GPS units. When it is required to pull all new data at certain times, the Navman MY60T does have slower speed during this operation. Some people have criticized that, but the same thing can be seen in other GPS brands. Rather than making a judgment on this one issue, look at the overall speed of any GPS device.

To have the main menu come up when the power is turned on seems to be an universal feature in GPS devices as well as other type of electronics. There is a physical menu select button on the MY60T which is necessary for times when you are away from the main menu and need it for some reason. The main menu has icons on it that allow you to quickly start any operation you need. There is a button that will initiate a feature that can tell you exactly where you are at the moment. From there you can access your current navigation operation such as where you are going as well as other places you have input. You will find the Navman MY60T GPS to be relatively versatile and highly functional while including the latest technological design features. The fact that Navman has proven itself to be a reliable design manufacturer should be selling point when you are deciding what to buy.

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