Dog walks are necessary in bringing up a healthy and well maintained dog.

Dog walks are necessary in bringing up a healthy and well maintained dog. The benefits of dog walking are tremendous and this is why many people have considered hiring a professional dog walker or walking the dog on their own. Proper dog walking requires practice and training of the dog. Dog walks do not simply entail putting a leash around a dog and pulling it as you stroll across the streets with the dog wandering in every direction. Dog walking must be done properly in order to bring out the benefits of this practice to both the owner and the dog.

Poor dog walking is an indication that the dog walker is not walking the dog but the dog is indeed walking them. Walking the dog the proper way is done by keeping it on the side while walking at the right pace. Getting a dog to walk on a slack leash is no easy task but the benefits are tremendous. Good dog walking requires consistency and practice.

One of the benefits of dog walking is that it fulfills a certain instinct within the dog that satisfies it. Having dog walks reinforces the owner of the dog as the leader of the pack. The pack leader does not necessarily dominate the dog but rather ensures the dog always knows who to listen to and how to behave appropriately in all situations. The period of time taken to walk the dog should depend on the type of dog. A good dog walker will take a high energy dog such as a Border collie for longer dog walks than other toy breed dogs.

Dog walking helps in burning excess energy for the dog. When this energy builds up it manifests in bad behavior. Dog walking also helps to boost the relationship between the dog walker and the dog. You can train your dog on how to walk properly beside you by using special leashes and choke chains. You should consider reading books on walking the dog and improve your dog walking skills.

The other benefit of dog walking is for mental stimulation. During the walk, the dog gets to see, smell and experience new things. This will prevent it from getting bored and becoming anxious or having obsessive-compulsive behavior and hyperactivity. Walking the dog also gives it an opportunity to socialize with other dogs and people.

There are a number of training tools that have been used in dog walking. The most affordable tool is the simple leash which one pulls as you walk with the dog. Other tools include the check chains and the training collars which are the most popularly used. Whichever training aid you use the main aim should never be to punish the dog but to correct it and show it how to walk properly. Do not pull the collar tight when the dog wanders in a different direction to hurt it. Having a good dog walker who uses the correct training aids for your dog is essential to ensure your dog benefits from the walks.

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