Phone service as a topic of discussion tends to be a total yawner. In fact, you may say, what else is new? Well, as a matter of fact you will find exciting developments in the telephony industry, and companies that jump in the bandwagon early not just get to enjoy its benefits sooner, in addition, they tend to be a step ahead of their competitors.

Due to the fact that we only ever use phones to call, we usually assume of it as a static industry whenever we think about phone service. Cell phones today include computers, cameras, music players – things that never utilized to be associated with telephones. For this reason they are in a separate category. Because fax machines run on telephone lines, phones and fax possess a connection. Fax machines are usually seen as separate from phones, too. Our thinking is stuck in a rut, not the phone service.

Phone services came of age whilst we were searching elsewhere for all our communication needs – to e-mail, facebook, twitter, mobile phones, etc. It’s not exactly what it used to be. It is not merely for calls any longer. While some telephone systems have, in fact, remained static, there are new methods by which communication by means of phones have altered and improved.

There are phone services that are not merely for telephones anymore, but have incorporated automated receptionist, fax, voicemail. They are built-in with mobile phones, landline phones, and computer phones. They are not plugged into physical lines and cable, but they can send and receive calls, voicemail and fax messages wherever web connection is accessible. Such things were unforeseen before, but they are now actually a common reality.

This implies that a sophisticated, multi-functional phone service is available for companies. An auto receptionist that greets callers, forwards calls, takes voicemail and fax messages comes along with this type of communication system. Fax messages can be sent and received not only on fax machines but in addition through computers, on emails, thus minimizing cost on toner and fax machine maintenance. Moreover, voicemail goes to a computer, not a machine. You will be notified by SMS in your mobile, and also by e-mail by the program which you have incoming fax and voicemail messages. Since the fax messages and voicemails are retrieved by way of computers online, this means you do not need to be physically at your workplace to retrieve your messages. You can access your online storage from any location through internet, and look at fax and voicemail messages that way. Or you can call a number, use a password, and retrieve the messages by telephone. Talk about convenience, talk about mobile productivity!

It could be a typical response to expect that the telephone system of this type would cost much given this functionality. However, it actually comes at an incredibly reasonable rate well within reach of a small company’s budget. Also known as VoIP or cloud PBX, it is more and more becoming the communication system of choice, so much so lots of small companies have switched to this kind of phone service.

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