The Easter break is a perfect time to give your home a thorough spring clean. Wiping away the winter blues by dusting and vacuuming in every nook and cranny is perfect for lifting your spirit ready for the warmer seasons. Cleaning is often seen as a dull and boring task and its easy to put it off. However, if you plan on inviting guests round during the spring and summer seasons, its essential that your home looks and smells great.

Put on your favourite tunes, dig out your feather duster and dedicate just half a day to cleaning your home from top to bottom. We all enjoy lazy days, particularly during bank holiday weekends. However, spending a good few hours cleaning your home will mean that you have accomplished something important, allowing you to kick back and start the season in style.

Renting a professional carpet cleaning machine is an ideal way ensuring your carpets are thoroughly clean. Although regularly vacuuming is important to keep your home looking clean, many vacuums only remove loose pieces of dirt. A professional carpet cleaner will deep clean your carpet, washing all the fibres where dirt and harmful bacteria can often hide.

Carpet cleaning machines were once bulky devices which were physically hard to use and expensive to rent or buy. They would often completely soak carpets, meaning floors took ages to dry which was incredibly inconvenient for the majority of home owners.

Nowadays professional carpet cleaning machines are compact devices that are easy to use with an one button operation. Many carpet cleaners also come with a handy tool designed to clean soft fabric furnishings and hard to reach areas such as stairways and skirting boards.

New professional carpet cleaning machines work by injecting hot water and specially designed carpet cleaning detergent into the pile, loosening any embedded dirt. Unique vibrating brush tools have an oscillating motion, allowing the device to work between the carpet pile, loosening tough ground-in dirt and grime. This raises the carpet pile and creates a soft fluffed up finish. A powerful vacuum then extracts the liquid and any loose dirt, leaving carpets and upholstery dry within two hours.

There are now also a wide range of carpet cleaning detergents available, most of which contain a stain repellent which protects your carpet against spills long after it has been cleaned.

Spruce up your home and rent a professional carpet cleaning device this spring. The majority of UK homes are just 10 minutes away from their nearest rental outlet.

Rug Doctor carpet cleaning machines are available to rent and buy in over 2,800 outlets across the country. Rug Doctor professional machines have been tested and approved for superior carpet cleaning by the independent Carpet and Rug Institute of America. Visit their website today to find your nearest rental outlet.

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