The world is a different place than it was when laptops were first introduced to the public. One of the greatest changes is

our knowledge of the great responsibility that we all have to recycle as much as possible. When you have Acer replacement

laptop batteries, there is a great program set up that allows you to easily dispose of those batteries in the proper way. In

addition, some Acer replacement laptop batteries have been recalled. Laptop owners should be aware of this,

as you can turn in your battery if it is one of the recalled ones and have a free replacement.

While rechargeable batteries are great to have, they only have a certain life span. Then, it will be time to dispose of them

properly. There are a few things that laptop owners can do that may lend a little extra life to the batteries. Closing down

programs that are running on the computer but not needed, defragging the computer, not overcharging the batteries and keeping

the connections clean can all be ways to help. However, the average lifespan will be between two and four years, depending on

the use and the above mentioned methods of extending life. When the battery reaches a point of no longer being able to hold a

charge, it will be time to dispose of it and then obtain new batteries.

For those with Acer replacement laptop batteries, the Acer America Corporation has joined together with

other well known notebook manufacturers in a recycling effort. Drop off facilities have been set up nationwide in order for

laptop users to easily drop off their batteries. Once gathered together, those batteries are taken to large recycling

facilities where they are actually used to create new batteries. Other things may be created as well, however many of the

elements in old batteries can be used to make new ones, thus finding use for what would be considered hazardous material and

using less power to manufacture new ones.

On another note, there are certain Acer replacement laptop batteries which have been recalled. In this

instance, even if your battery is not discharged, you may turn in your battery and have a free replacement. The recall is a

voluntary recall that is being done by not just Acer, but other well known laptop manufacturers and involves certain lithium

ion batteries which were made by Sony Energy Devices Corporation.

There had been sixteen reports of overheating in certain notebook batteries. While there were no serious consequences, the

recall does allow the owners of certain model numbers to bring in their battery packs and have a brand new one given in

exchange for free. It you wish to find out if your battery is included in this recall, you can do a quick search for

replacement Acer laptop batteries and be sure to follow directions.

Since it is very normal for laptop batteries to become warm during use, be sure that you carefully read which batteries are

included in this. To help to avoid any laptop battery from becoming too hot, it is recommended to have the

battery in an area that is not enclosed, allow air to freely flow around it. When at all possible, try to not allow clothing

or other items to cover the battery and it is always recommended to keep the cord out of the way of foot traffic.

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