The wonders of pocket sized cameras, with their ease of use and solid technology, continue to grow. They are designed to take clear, crisp photos with vivid details and colors. There is plenty of flexibility in the available accessories and options for photo qualities such as the softness of objects. Quality in certain can be affected if the camera maker focuses all their attention on one area. Before buying a pocket size camera, read the following information to acquaint yourself with three of the many options.

If you’re looking for a great camera that can take high quality images indoors without a flash, consider the Canon PowerShot S90. Many digital cameras makers will take a line and create some specificity, or rather particular strong points and applications. With its wide angle lens and ability to capture subtle details, the S90 performs well in conditions with little light. The large display can also be used to view photos which many people enjoy.

Those that like being in control over their photographic compositions find that this camera offers them that. You can manually control the aperture, sensitivity, and the shutter speed. All that plus the easy to use interface for settings makes this camera a great choice.

The next camera we’ll be looking at is the Olympus Stylus Tough 8010 which is built for the outdoors.

Able to withstand water pressure at just above 30 feet, this is a waterproof rated camera. This ultra compact camera lives up to its name of tough. It comes with the standard array of LCD display, zoom, built-in flash, and it has 14 megapixels of resolution which is way overkill in our minds. But the market for this camera could very well be those who love the rugged outdoors and want a camera that can take a little punishment from the elements. This camera is also designed to take a six foot drop, in addition to being waterproof. Plus it’s supposed to be freeze-proof as well as crush-proof. Now, that’s tough!

Then there is the great Fuji line of digital cameras which include the F31fd digital compact. pocket size camera. The image quality of this camera is highly noteworthy due to the outstanding ISO standards. This camera, is the very one that showed the sheer folly of focusing on pixel counts. The average photographer only need high pixel counts in rare conditions. This camera offers incredible low light abilities that many consumers feel is a fair trade off for higher pixel numbers. Many people who use this camera also appreciate the long lasting battery and the performance of this camera when it comes to high speed photography. These are a few of the pocket size cameras available. These cameras would work well to test out if you’ve never used a digital ultra compact camera. Reasonably priced, these cameras can produce decent quality pictures.

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