Market is area where you can find buyer for your products or consumer for the particular service that you provide; in return of this service or product the customer will pay the amount that would be considered either as service charge or price for the goods. In this case the price or service charge is income for the seller or provider of service, they invest time, capital, labor, technology etc. to derive at the result in the form of service or goods. So they always deserve some amount to be paid in return of their effort by the customers. The sales strategy followed in the local business marketing area often differ from that of the international pricing.

Being an entrepreneur it is always advisable that you follow some strategies regarding your business model that you would follow in the local as well as in case of the international business exposure. You may have the cut-throat sales policy for the local markets but the in case of the international market the same strategy may not work in a satisfactory manner. So change the policies as and when required. You can easily publish a local business listing via different search engines to make your customers and investors of the business aware about your goals and how you would execute them in a best possible manner. So in order to change the policies according to the choice and preference of the customers in different cities and countries one can contact with professional sales or marketing professionals who can guide the manufacturer or trader about the market sentiment. Also there may be some seasonal variation exist in the market of your product. If you are in the business of winter garments so the demand will be high in winter season; so in that case you have to ensure that the garments are ready to be delivered at retail stores so that the customers can easily buy your products as soon as winter starts. Also some kind of promotional strategy either by way of local advertising, TV advertisement etc. should be available so that your brand can be a known one to all the customers. This will definitely help to expand the business in a manner that would ensure the success.

Also there should be proper communication among different branches, corporate office, manufacturing units, retail store so that production did not get hampered at any point of time. If the manufacturer run out of stock at any point of time that would be dangerous for that particular business. So in this case there should always be inventory in hand. Again over warehousing of inventory may block huge amount and create pressure on the unit; also the amount payable to creditors would also increase leading to a risky situation. So co-ordination is important. As the current era is known to be the era of publicity; so you can easily take the help of different modern technology that would help to publish the local business listing in the internet. In this way you can combine both technology and strategy to achieve your goal to bridge the gaps between the local business marketing and international business policy.

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