Especially among new homeowners or those doing remodeling on their residential property, the resolution whether to plant seed or sod can be quite a challenge. Most home owners need the same end product; a green backyard. However, as a way to achieve that, every homeowner must make that very significant choice on what kind of grass to use to see the envisioned outcomes. Below, we are going to go over the positives and negatives of both techniques and hopefully, youll be able to better determine which is perfect for you and your backyard.

Advantages of sod

Planting sod is the best way to go in case you are in a rush to have access to a verdant and green lawn thats available in the quickest time possible. Sod is a commercially cultivated grass that may be purchased from Nashville sod plantations and delivered to your property already verdant and green. Commercially grown sod is ready to be transported so you wont need to wait for grass to flourish on your lawn. Sod from garden suppliers come to you full-grown and all you need to do is perform a little maintenance work such as watering, employing fertilizers and routine clipping.

Nashville sod companies have long been in the business of growing sod for commercial reasons, so this means theyre already experts in this special area. They may be widely knowledgeable of techniques that make certain youll have an excellent turf on your garden. Having a level lawn, with respect to thickness, helps with the overall appearance of the yard. It is also much quicker to mow and manage a lawn without those notches, humps or irregular clusters on the grass.

Disadvantages of sod

One of the main down sides of sod is that it is more expensive than seeding. Aside from that, there might be some differences in the nutrient makeup of the soil coming from your sod supplier and that on your own backyard. This could have adverse effects on the quality of the sod being planted, nonetheless proper soil preparation will better make certain that this wont be an issue.

Advantages of seeds

If you are not in a rush to have an usable lawn, seeds would be the perfect and most economical option. Depending on the kind of seed you wish to purchase, the price of seeding a large yard can be drastically less than purchasing sod for your full yard. With this, you will have a huge variety of grass seed types to pick from.

Disadvantages of seeds

The main downside of using seeds as an alternative to sod is that it takes longer to get a functional, dense lawn. Grass which has grown from seeds will be always fragile and can be easily killed by high foot traffic, extreme heat, lack of water and pet urine. Additionally, seeding your lawn involves a lot of labor and perseverance from your end. Particularly when growing Fescue, you might need a lot of watering done especially for the duration of the summer months.

In either case, appropriately planted and grown sod or seed will attain a nice and green yard. Be certain to take enough time and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you select which one works the best for your lawn.

This valuable information is presented by a Nashville sod company that specializes in cultivating magnificent, robust grass types. If you are not able to determine whether to seed or sod your homes yard, contact sod Knoxville TN businesses to advise you with your options, along with the pros and cons of doing either.

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