Picking a wedding photographer for your wedding day is already challenging enough when you have a hometown wedding. It becomes even tougher to get the perfect one if you choose to do a destination wedding. You will have to decide whether or not to bring your own photographer or hire a local photographer instead. Each has its own benefits. Weigh all these carefully when choosing one for your wedding.

Going Local

Local wedding photographers have one major edge over those from your hometown – they know the area thoroughly. Chances are high that they have before shot your chosen wedding location. They will know what angles give you the best backdrop for your photos, and which of them are unflattering. They may also know the staff you’ll use on your big day. This is one less thing to be concerned about, as you will not have to be worried about them building rapport with each other.

By way of example, a wedding photographer in Perth will know how to maximise the lighting and natural elements in the city as well as its nearby locations. You may make special arrangements if your photographer knows the staff in the area. Apart from that, you can also ask them to make recommendations on other services you’ll need, such as a DJ, caterer or coordinator.

You will get to save on travel and lodging expenses if you pick a local photographer. This is perhaps one of the most critical pros on the list you need to note. Minor travel expenses including ferry rides or van service are inevitable, specially when you choose a remote area. It still costs a lot less than plane tickets and a hotel room. Finally, they know where you can get equipment or find a substitute photographer in case something unexpected comes up.

Bringing Your Own

It is possible to choose to bring your preferred photographer in case you have no time to find a local wedding photographer. This is risky mainly because your choice may not necessarily be familiar with your chosen location. Its main advantage, however, is that you get your own preference without having to sacrifice quality. You will also have worked with them for your engagement photographs, which will lessen stress especially on brides.

Try to switch the earlier example. Getting your wedding photographer from Perth and flying him or her to your chosen location ensures you get the look and feel you want wherever you are. It would be much better if you can get a photographer from Perth who’s somewhat familiar with the wedding location, along with the language in the area. This lets you avoid having any communication problems due to language barriers.

Other Things to Note

Remember these things when looking for a destination wedding photographer in general. Make sure you find one that is spontaneous and creative. Take a look at their portfolios and figure out if you like their use of the backdrop. They need to make use of the natural elements around and keep their eyes open for virtually any good photograph possibilities.

They should also be alert enough to catch any candid and special moments. A lot of things take place simultaneously during a wedding, and your photographer should keep an eye out for these things. Finally, get a photographer with varying styles. You want as many different angles, candid and planned shots as possible. This can ensure they capture the essence of your destination wedding.

The author is a wedding photography Melbourne enthusiast, and attends conventions for wedding photographer.

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