Most people who get married think of making the relationship work. This is particularly true for couples with kids. Even though this is a goal for many, some marriages ultimately end in divorce. It’s a reality across the country, and perhaps especially in Las Vegas. Separations usually tend to get messy. You should know how to deal with it if you’re planning on filing for it. This article is a guide to the process and supplies information about how Las Vegas divorce lawyers can help.

Legal grounds for Divorce

Divorce law varies according to state. Some are stricter than the others, while a number will be more lenient. In Nevada, you’ll be able to file for it based on any of the following grounds.

1. Existence of insanity in either party for two years before filing the motion

2. Both parties have lived separate and apart for a year or more without cohabitation

3. Incompatibility or irreconcilable differences

The choice to grant the separation to either party will depend completely on the court. In a case where insanity is an issue, you must work with your divorce attorney in Las Vegas to offer corroborative evidence. The court will invalidate cases without sufficient evidence.

Las Vegas divorce lawyers help with two kinds of divorce: contested and uncontested. They are going to likewise offer support if you are seeking mediation with the opposite party.

Contested Divorce

These cases frequently call for the expertise of Las Vegas divorce lawyers. This is actually the term for scenarios where partners cannot come to an agreement concerning their separation. The reason behind dispute is generally money along with the division of community properties. These cases usually see just one party aggressively fighting and filing for separation. It would be best to have legal counsel on your side when you’re involved in such a case.

Remember that these situations could get ugly. It is very important to collect as much information as you can about your financial standing as a couple. Note that you both have access to community property. Difficult as it may be to think of the worse of your spouse, it will help to adopt all precautions. Work with your legal counsel to protect all assets while you still could. Remember that your spouse could file legal action against you as well should you take advantage of the situation.

Uncontested Divorce

This describes scenarios where both sides agree to all terms of the separation. Another term for this is “amicable separation”. The general suggestion will be to aim for this since it helps make the process easier. Ease when it comes to legal courses of action and also on a personal level as well. Couples who file for this usually do so by means of a joint petition. Right here is the swiftest way of securing a divorce.


A large number of cases involve couples trying to settle their differences. A trained mediator, such as your divorce attorney in Las Vegas, facilitates the communication line between the two sides. These situations frequently end with husbands and wives settling their issues without taking the case to trial. Seek mediation in case you are having trouble talking to your spouse but would like to settle the divorce out of court.

The author is law student who interned for las vegas divorce attorneys and is pursuing more education to join a firm of divorce attorneys in las vegas.

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