A data center is a complex facility that houses numerous types of severs and equipment, and they all work together to serve the company. Every server in the facility is important and performs a specific task. The servers themselves are extremely heavy and very expensive. They can easily weigh over 50 lbs, which makes them a hazard to lift manually. Replacing and upgrading servers are a constant occurance in data centers, since doing so will help the company stay operation and keep up with demand.

The server deployment process is typically performed manually in many data centers, but this is a very inefficient method to use. To lift the servers the manual way can have negative results in the data center in serveral ways. The worst case scenario that can result from manually lifting servers and other equipment is an injury in the workplace. Workers who overexert themselves can become injured in the lower back during an accident. While many injuries are caused in one incident, overexerting oneself continously can lead to an injury in the lower back later on in life. Both of these cases can then lead to the disability of the workers.

There is another type of incident that frequently happens in the data center, and that is the damaging of the costly servers and equipment. In many cases, a server is dropped accidentally during installation. In many of these situations, only one individual is attempting to handle the server the manual way, and this is certainly more problematic due to the server being too heavy. Furthermore, data centers are usually very constrained in space, and carrying a heavy server through the narrow aisles can definitely be a struggle. If the server is dropped, it may be beyond repair and the company will lose its investment.

To avoid situations like these, the data center must seek out solutions that help with the lifting of this type of heavy equipment. A great solution that many companies have been turning to is a server lift. A server lift is greatly improving the way data centers operate by bringing safety and efficiency to the server deployment process.

A genuine serverlift contains many qualities that are important for the data center, such as having the power to lift 500 lbs and can raise it to a height of eight ft. This is a very important feature for a server lift to have to be able to handle the heavy servers and have the ability to raise those servers to the height of the server racks.

One of the other numerous qualities that the server lift possesses is having a small footprint of 24 inches. This shows that the genuine serverlift was designed specifically for the data center, because many data center are constricted in terms of space. The device’s smaller footprint give the server lift the ability to move through the tight corridors of the data center.

Maintaining the data center is essential, but the deployment of servers can be a big strain on the company because of all the resources it consumes. However, when engaging in the deployment process, it is imperative for the company to protect its workers and its investment. The best way to do so is to invest in a server lift to perform the tasks that are usually performed manually by one or more individuals. Obtaining a server lift will be one of the best decisions you will every make, as it will create a safer and more productive environment for your workers.

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