The next concern for you personally after designing and developing webpages is to get your internet site hosted on the Internet. However with so many hosting services offering various types of web hosting packages – shared web hosting, web server, managed web hosting, which kind of hosting should you choose?

Typically, it’s a wise decision to choose shared web hosting if you are a small business operator and price is the major concern. But before you make your hosting decision, let’s first know very well what is shared web hosting service and do you know the pros and cons for shared web hosting.

What’s shared web hosting?

Shared web hosting service is a convenient and economic way of hosting web sites if you do not require extremely high performance and high bandwidth. Since it’s name suggests, in shared web hosting service, the web server that hosting all pages and posts are shared by many other websites. The number of websites on a hosting that is shared server can go up to thousands sometimes. Because of one large and high performance web server is shared by hosting many different websites onto it, web hosting companies providing shared web hosting service could offer them in an economic rates.

Despite so many websites hosted on a web server, you can be rest assured that the net hosting providers won’t compromise on any kind of security and gratifaction issues on the hosting that is shared servers. Moreover, shared hosting web servers are operated, monitored and maintained around the clock because of it professionals to ensure minimum server downtimes.

Technically speaking, shared hosting servers are operate on Unix or any other multi-user operating system and every website hosted on the internet server is given another account in the operating system. Typically, websites hosted on shared servers receive a shared IP addresses and allocated a fix quantity of web resources.

Let’s examine the benefits and disadvantages of shared hosting before you consider shared hosting service:

Advantages of Shared hosting Service

Economical: As numerous websites are hosted on a single web server, web hosting providers are able to offer inexpensive shared hosting services. Generally, you will probably pay $5-10 monthly for shared hosting services. Today, because of stiff competition within the web hosting industry, you may also discover many hosting services offering huge web space and bandwidth (up to 1000 MB disk space and 40 GB bandwith).

Convenience: Hosting that is shared web servers are managed and maintained by experts who are highly trained with specialized knowledge of the area. As a result, you can concentrate on your website and let these professionals worry about the maintenance and uptimes from the web server.

Customization: Even though web resources are shared, web masters can manage their website using user interface or similar tools supplied by the web hosting company. They are liberated to upload files, remove webpages, add database, check web statistic and etc. They are also permitted to create website name specific e-mails accounts.

Efficiency: Today, shared hosting service comes with web space and bandwidth that are a lot more than sufficient for small company websites. However, you can always add more resources in the event you overrun the web space or bandwidth usage.

Disadvantages of Shared Web Hosting Service

Slower Responses: Considering the fact that an actual web server is shared, websites within the shared hosting have to accept slower server response time if compare to dedicate server hosting.

Reliability Issues: Generally, website hosting providers might take proper care of the security and gratifaction of the shared server. However, it may happen that a number of websites hosted about the shared server run a malicious program or script or over-utilize the resources, can bring down the web server. Your website would have to suffer downtimes and inaccessibility as a result.

Sharing Issues: Moreover, you simply need one “bad” website in your shared web server to obtain your site banned altogether by ISP or internet search engine due to shared IP address (Note: you can always pay extra to get a dedicated Ip to avert this problem).

Security Issues: Shared hosting is more risky and opens up potential security issues as other web masters through an account on the same web server could hacked to your sensitive data.

Before you decide to ink an offer on shared web hosting, be sure to consider all the benefits and drawbacks of shared web hosting services above. In the end, picking out a right web hosting services generally is one of the most critical business decisions for the online business.

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