If you have lived in Arizona any length of time at all, you can understand that the pests homeowners face are certainly quite unique to the region. Not only do you have to worry about several unique species of ants, but creatures like scorpions can be a pest as well. These types of pests are why it is so important to keep your landscaping in good shape. Professional Phoenix weed control services are available if do not have the time or ability to take care of your yard properly, but no matter if you do it yourself or have a professional take care of it, it is a vital step in keeping your home pest free.

Weeds are the ultimate hiding place for pests. Cockroaches, ants, snakes, rats and bugs of every sort use tall weeds and grasses for cover and for shade during those scorching Phoenix days. You can even help to deter flying pests like pigeons with proper landscaping care since your yard will then harbor fewer bugs and other tasty snacks that birds love.

Combine a well-maintained yard with proper garbage care and you can all but eliminate the chances of getting rats, mice and other vermin in your home. Take away their cover and take away the easy meals and you’ll be in great shape moving forward.

While most ant colonies spread far underground, many can extend for a ways along the surface of the ground, too. By removing weeds, you are disrupting the natural building process that weeds create with seeds that ants and other insects will carry into their colonies, and that will occasionally sprout in undesirable places. This simple practice alone won’t rid your property of an ant problem, but it will help to expose the problem so that a Phoenix pest control professional can properly diagnose and treat the issue. Pests love cover and when you bring in a Phoenix weed control expert, you expose the problem for good.

With a professional weed prevention service that utilizes a pre-emergent herbicide, you will reduce the ability for any weed seeds to sprout and grow into a mature weed that will in turn produce new seeds that will also become more weeds. Rather than chopping, trimming, mowing or even pulling weeds, have pre-emergent herbicide applied prior to the next growing season. Here in the desert southwest, in our metro area(s) of Phoenix, we have both winter and summer annuals – basically two separate growing seasons and plants. During the winter time and spring time is a great time to apply pre-emergent, this will stop any further winter annuals from sprouting and treatment in the spring time will stop our summer annuals.

Invader Pest Management has designed a quarterly treatment program that tries to perform our services at a time that will capture as many chances for rain as possible. With our pre-emergent services scheduled for January, April, July and October we are more likely to catch a rain within 30 days of treatment which will be the most effective service possible.

Taking care of your landscaping has many other benefits, as well. It improves your property value and it helps to reduce the risk of pests for your neighbors, as well. A well maintained yard is a point of pride for just about everyone and there is nothing nicer than the smell of a freshly cut lawn on an early summers morning. Your Phoenix weed control professional can help you reduce the risk of weed infestation and increase the chances of you smiling every time you come out of your front door. A well-maintained yard is a happy yard!

Article Source: Invader.net

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