Shrink packing is resorted to when the items that are to be packed and kept away from moisture so that the quality of the product is not altered in any manner. Shrink packing also provide an attractive appearance to the items that are packed and by providing protection to the product increase its shelf life. So we see various food products like pizzas and CDs, DVDs and similar computer items packed using the shrink packing technique.

Shrink packing essentially uses a polymer film which is made to contract by applying heat, after placing it over the material that is required to be packed. The packing film is used depending on the material that is to be packed. Cartons , boxes etc. are packed using a thinner film, whereas, big construction materials such as supporting beams on buildings, boats, small aircrafts require bigger plastic films. The polymer plastic that is used is a high utility material that it is used to cover buildings, houses etc after disasters such as earthquakes and floods.

Shrink packing is performed by placing the polymer film and applying heat over it. Application of heat over this plastic film is done using tools such as a heat gun, oven or a shrink tunnel. A heat gun is used like a dryer but at very high temperatures. An Oven uses a thermal insulation chamber for packaging and a shrink tunnel works with a conveyor belt assembly where in the material to be packed is passed along the belt into the tunnel. The tunnel can also be made to shrink package in a bi-directional manner.

Some of the typical shrink packing machines which are available in the market are illustrated below:-

Shrink Packing Machine for PE film: – This machine provides a uniform compression and can accommodate bigger materials. It is fitted with an electronically controlled motor.

Shrink Packing Machine: – This machine uses the hot air and with its unique structure it can accommodate any type of conveyor. The height of the tunnel and the sidewalls can be adjusted and is suitable for materials such as PVC, PP or POF.

Skin Packing Machine: – The skin packing machine is used in packing materials such as metals, toys, cutlery and other daily usage items. Skin packaging is moisture and dust proof and is highly economical.

Two In one Shrink packager: – The two in one shrink packager packs the items in a plastic layer which is attractive and strong at the same time. Used in the packing of toys.

Semi-automatic sleeve sealing machine: – This is a manual packing machine and therefore can pack individual units. This type of packing is used in the printing, beverage industries. This uses films of PVC, POF, PP and PE materials.

Automatic sleeve sealing machine: – This machine with a touch screen panel and can package bottles, cans etc. The entire packing process is automated in this machine. Materials packed in this machine can be hauled for long distances.

Automatic Sleeve Sealing Machine + Shrink Packing Machine: – Starting from the conveyor belt to the end tray which brings out the packed material everything is automated in this machine. This can cater for units which have a huge consignment to package and deliver.

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