Throughout history, women have decorated their wrists with silver bracelets. Silver has always caught the eyes of both women and men and for good reason. Among the precious metals, silver has advantages over gold, being less expensive and less showy. Whether it is worn in simple designs without addition of any stones, or included with semi-precious stones, silver bracelets have commanded attention for many years and over a wide array of cultures. Let’s look at some helpful tips for choosing, wearing and caring for silver bracelets.

One of the perhaps most embarrassing moments would be when your silver bracelet is not fitted just right. The horrible consequence is when you put your arm down it goes sliding right off! Bracelets that fit loosely may have a nice look, but you have to remember the practical considerations as well. Another reason to wear bracelets and other jewelry in a loose manner is comfort, of course. But all of those concerns can be dealt with quite handily through proper fitting of your silver bracelet. You can use some string to measure your wrist. You have all the time to get it just perfect. To learn what size bracelet is right for you, just experiment with the string. Make a list of what you do and don’t want before you start shopping. You can make your own head spin trying to pick that perfect bracelet. Because of the shear number of options available you’ll want all of them. For this reason we recommend keeping some outfits in mind as you shop. Because you have a visual of what you’ll wear with the bracelet this is the best method for shopping.

It is factual that silver bracelets for women can be the most bargain hunter friendly out there. You can notice that they are rather inexpensive and easy on your budget which is crucial nowadays. Still, gobs of business haven’t stopped selling imitation silver which is something we still can’t quite identify with. So, the thing you should always do when you’re shopping for silver bracelets is to study it for markings. The markings you always want to keep an eye out for are S.S. and apparently that stands for “Sterling Silver.” Well, that seems to make a lot of sense and it does. But seriously, that is how you can identify real silver bracelets and other silver jewelry. On top of the S.S. mark, you will generally see the silver grade of the material.

You’ll have a better idea about what size is right for you as you look at various silver bracelets and see how they look on you. Aside from your wrist size, you have to consider your whole body, and also the type of jewelry style you like. The color and style of your clothes will also have an impact on how your jewelry looks, of course.

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