I am going to assume that you are like most people I know in business (and life!) And therefore faced with the challenge of making the right decisions, rather quickly, and information. When it comes to choosing a web design company to create or re-create your website, you may not have as many meetings, but an ideal world, you should probably try to meet with two or three different web design companies. Use the six steps to help you make an informed decision that fits your business:

First Make a summary web design companies that have the potential to
Second Spend a little time to search for their portfolios
Third Meet them and see if you like them
4th Make sure they understand the business (not only how to create a web site)
5th Do they understand how to target customers?
6th Make your final assessment of the proposal and the cost

First Make a summary web design companies with potential.

We suggest you first ask for recommendations, (shoot quickly post all of your contacts!) The Yell.com website design companies in your area. Think about how much you are willing to travel if you want to hold office for a meeting. (Note to our customers in a pair of 3 hours round trip – but they say it’s worth it to work with us) If you search Google, you can try to search for “web design company in Surrey, or to try to narrow down your search with adjectives that are important to you, ie Beautiful web design in Surrey “or” Flower Web Design Guildford. In any case, you have many to choose from, so you may want to just go through one by one, until you have two or three that look like they could be the right web design company for you. How do I do?

Second Spend a little time to search for their portfolios.

But the values associated with the web design company should have its own site, well presented portfolio of their clients’ sites. Spend some time browsing through them. Ask yourself if you find this site attractive and easy to navigate, and that they can easily help you to important information. Is the proper use of color, fonts, images, etc.? Do you think they did a good job in his previous / existing customers, and they worked for any customer in the market like for you?

If you have a short list based on the best portfolio, choosing the right web design company for your business can be analyzed quickly and wisely using the following key points to help you:

Third Meet them and see if you like them!

We have more than one client who came to us after a bad experience with their previous web design company, so I quickly a very important point: Do not work with someone you never met. Some web designers are working to communicate only by e-mail. It just does not work. Good face-to-face rapport, which may continue to call (and email address, as well of course!), Is essential for a productive and enjoyable business relationship. You need to have a good, open, honest communication with your web design company that you get exactly what you want, and maybe even have some fun along the way.

4th Make sure they understand the business (not only how to create a web site)

Modern, successful web design (whether it be one person or a large agency) will cover the following three subjects: 1. Business, 2nd Creative and third Technical expertise. This is the “Magic 3 – pay attention to them! You must be able to talk business with your web design company, and to understand them and make suggestions based on their experience. Their graphic design and technical skills should be clearly visible in their portfolio – you have to do that All three boxes are ticked.

5th Do they understand how to target customers?

While some web design companies specializing in the design of certain activities, you will probably be useful to work with a company whose customer base is very diverse. Their experience in working with these different briefs and the target audience can bring a lot to the table (I’m talking about smart ideas here – not cookie plate).

6th Make your final assessment of the proposal and the cost

Met with web design companies, you should already have a good idea of what is going to deliver what you need and work well, but is the last step in this process. After your meeting, you will receive a written proposal for a final chance to make sure that the company understands their needs and can meet with them), along with a quote. There should be a detailed quote (for example, so you can clearly see how much time is spent on design and coding website). How to make a final decision? If you can afford it, just go with a web design company that best meets your needs (according to all the proposals in this blog post).

In these uncertain times, when the Internet becomes more important than ever to buy solutions, your business must be represented in an attractive, usable, informative, that appeals to your target audience. So why not start today? Or you can put it off ’til later – you have nothing to lose, but the customers …!

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