It is sad that to have good skin it is not necessary to have the most expensive products, but too many people actually believe what the popular media has to say. Flip through the nearest fashion magazine and you’ll see all sorts of ads and articles devoted to the expensive products that you must buy and the procedures you must have done if you want your skin to be clean and clear. Marketers are always trying to sell you things that you don’t need in order for them to make money, and that also happens with skin care products. Don’t believe us? Check out these tips.

Your makeup should be adjusted to the time of year. This doesn’t just apply to coloring-it applies to materials choices. Every time you wear makeup during the summer you will want to be sure that it isn’t oil-based. To keep your skin from clogging, as it dries out in the summer heat through sweating, these products will keep your skin moisturized. To get a higher level of protection against the chapping nature of the colder temperatures, an oil-based product is better to use in the winter. To help keep your skin moisturized and warm, you should give your skin the protection against the bad weather by using the heavier products. You might think of using makeup as a way to look nicer, but making the quality of your skin nice is just as important for your face.

If you have skin care merchandise, even cotton balls, put them in the refrigerator – this will help you especially if you have chronic puffy skin. This works because the products that you use are cooler than your skin thus reducing the puffiness. Some people actually use those around the bottom of their eyes to reduce the swelling. Experts on facial appearance often recommend chilled teabags or cold cucumbers for this exact same strategy. Regardless of which strategy you choose, it is simply the temperature of the object that causes the swelling to go down.

Chapped hands and chapped feet are suffered by many people, quite often. The cold air of the winter months, dries out the skin of most people, who end up getting this condition. Quite a few people have this, and it just won’t go away. Instead of spending a bunch of money on expensive lotions, manicures and pedicures make your own treatment at home. Put petroleum jelly on your feet, and then your socks, and then do the same with your hands, covering them with gloves. Keep the gloves and socks on your hands and feet overnight while you are sleeping to give the jelly time to be absorbed and to soften your skin. A pedicure and manicure, done by yourself while you were sleeping.

As you probably know, there are many people trying to sell you a skin care solution everyday. To have clear clean skin, you must find a product that lives up to its promise. You must realize that the solution does not cost thousands, or even hundreds of dollars. In fact, most of the time, good skin can be attained by your just doing some basic skin care steps on a consistent basis.

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