Costume trends change all the time but one that has managed to stay constant in its popularity is the Captain Jack Sparrow costume. When you have more than three hit movies featuring this character and talk of more in the works, a Captain Jack Sparrow costume is something that you should be able to wear for at least a few years without it going out of style.

When you wear a Captain Jack Sparrow costume it is more fun if you actually get into the character. Before you put on the costume, you should watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies so that you can observe the various mannerisms and traits that are specific to Jack Sparrow. This is a way to help your costume seem more authentic because you won’t just be dressing like him but acting like him as well. This includes adopting the body language, verbal traits and facial expressions too. You don’t have to be a professional actor to do this, as you’re not aiming to be perfect, just to make your Captain Jack Sparrow impersonation a little more authentic than it would otherwise be. If you are serious about having the best Jack Sparrow costume you might want to look beyond the places that usually sell costumes whether that means looking online or at your local shopping center. There are plenty of stores and websites that specialize in pirate related clothing and accessories. You might be able to find these kinds of items in places that sell a lot of Renaissance clothing and costumes. It’s a good idea to shop in these kinds of places when you like to go to Renaissance fairs or dress up parties. These kinds of companies sell items that are higher in quality and that have a more authentic feel but that means that you will usually need to pay more for them than you would for a typical costume. If you are someone who wants to dress up like Jack Sparrow a lot, it might be worth your while to invest in authentic pirate wear.

The dreadlocks are one of the most important features of any Captain Jack Sparrow costume. You might be able to find some really good wigs that will offer you some authentic looking dreadlocks, to if you want them to be very realistic looking, it is going to cost some money. The costumes that do not cost as much money will have dreadlocks as well but they aren’t going to look as authentic as you might want. If you really want to get into character, you may want to actually get your hair styled into dreadlocks, though your hair will have to be long enough to begin with for this to be possible! For most, a really good Captain Jack Sparrow costume and wig should be “dreadlocky” enough for you.

There are plenty of great Captain Jack Sparrow costumes out there but it might take some searching to find the one that is best for you. This particular costume is fun no matter how old the wearer might be because people of every age like to pretend to be pirates now and again. Remember that, as with any costume, you can make it more convincing by adding as many details and accessories as you can think of.

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