It’s great that you want to learn Japanese; if you haven’t studied other languages before, this is an especially brave decision. Not only do you have to learn how to speak in Japanese, but you must learn a new alphabet and how its used in reading and writing. There is more involved in learning Japanese than studying some vocabulary! This isn’t to say that it can’t be done. Many other people have learned this language, and you can too. There are some tips that can make the process easier. The following suggestions will make it easier for you to get started.

To really learn a language like Japanese, you need to really be around it. Going to Japan on your own, without any guide, would be the best solution if it’s possible. Any study you’ve done will come in handy, and you may get by better than you think. For people wanting to really immerse themselves, this is probably the single best way to learn a new language. It forces them to leave their native language behind and truly open themselves up to new forms of communication. If you cannot afford to travel to another country, try finding a neighborhood in which Japanese is the primary language. Still another way to get familiar with the language is to only watch movies and programs in Japanese for several weeks, without the aid of subtitles. If you want to learn a lot of vocabulary, this is a good method to use.

Don’t overdo it in the beginning. Work on getting a functioning vocabulary first and then work on more subtle nuances later. No matter what language you attempt to learn you will find multiple words that all say the same thing. Some of the words are uncommon ways of speaking so you would want to identify one or two of the most common ways to say something. When you start to recognize when it is appropriate to use one word over another in a given situation is the time that you can start to build a more complicated vocabulary. By that time you should be able to hold your own in a conversation and understand what you read and hear so expanding your vocabulary shouldn’t be difficult at all.

Flash Cards are a good idea. You can use a few different kinds of flash cards when learning Japanese. One set can be used for learning grammar and vocabulary words. Then you can get a set that teaches you the characters and how to start reading in Japanese.

Use Japanese on one side and then spell out the answers phonetically on the other side of the cards. Be sure to not mix up the different sets of cards or you’ll only get confused and not know what you’re looking at!

Japanese is a worthwhile and commendable language to study. Remember, it will be tough to start learning Japanese, but think of how great it will be once you actually know it! When it comes to traveling and learning about other cultures, there would be no better skill to have! If you wanted to watch Anime and not have to struggle with subtitles, you’d be able to.

That is something you could be proud of. Of course, if you ever want to visit Japan, knowing the language would be a great advantage to have. Then, if you ever want to study another Eastern language, it would be much simpler to do. It’s unquestionable that learning another language can only help you!

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