Social bookmarking is a one kind of technique or method to the Internet users for organizing, save and search for bookmarks of resources online or internet. It is not like file sharing, the resources are not shared, just simply bookmarks which reference to them.

Whatever description may be included in these bookmarks are in the structure of metadata, so users can easily understand the content of the resource without requirement of downloading it for them. Such kinds of description may be consisting of free text comments, favorable or against votes for its quality or tags that together become a folksonomy. Folksonomy is known as social tagging, “it is processes for many online users include metadata in the form of keywords to shared content.

In the Social bookmarking site system, users save links to web pages; actually they want to remember or to share with others. Usually, social bookmarking site is public one and can be saved privately, and also it can be shared only with some particular people or group of people shared inside with certain networks or extent; and also can be done through combination of public and private domains. The accepted people can usually view these social bookmarking site chronologically order through with their category or tags or by search engine.

Mostly, social bookmarking site services encourage and boost users to organize their bookmarks with informal tags rather than the traditional surf based system of folders; however, some services feature categories or folders or with the combination of folders and tags. They can also easily enable to view bookmarks related with a chosen or desired tag and contained information and details about the number of users whoever have bookmarked them. And also some social bookmarking service also describes inference from the relationship of tags to create cluster of tags or bookmarks.

Many of the social bookmarking services provide web feeds for their bookmarking lists, which including lists of organized by tags. This is useful for subscribers to get aware of new bookmarks as they are saved or stored, shared and tagged by other users. As these services have become developed and attained more popularity, due to this they have included another extra feature like rating and comments on bookmarks, it has possessed with import and export bookmarks from browsers, emailing of bookmarks, web annotation and other social network features.

From users’ point of view, social bookmarking can be effectively used for accessing a consolidated set of bookmarks from different computers, which can easily organize large number of bookmarks, and also sharing can be done with contacts. Libraries have been regarded as the social bookmarking is helpful to provide lists of informative links to customers or clients.

In order to create a high-quality search engine, the social bookmarking system has numerous advantages over traditional automated resources location and also classification software such as search engine spiders.

The social bookmarking can also be riskable to corruption and collusion. With tremendous growing of popularity, some users have been started taking into consideration it as tool to use along with search engine optimization to make their more visibility and web pages is submitted and tagged, the better chances has been found.

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