According to the National Center For Education Statistics, the percentage of students attending university or college right after high school has been progressively escalating. Despite this, as of 2009, almost one-third of high school students opted not to enroll in a secondary school. On the other hand, when you take into account solely individuals from high income families, over 84% become freshman at a school of higher education. This proves a primary connection between income and education. A number of online college degree programssome online universities aim to defeat the wealth barrier by making it less expensive for students to take university programs.

In an effort to encourage attendance in higher education, a handful of schools make submitting applications to a traditional institution a mandatory requirement for graduation. Washington, DC where college attendance is one of the lowest in the US, is contemplating a law that will create a legal requirement that all high school students to submit an application to a traditional college. However, school officials don’t seem to be conquering the key issue which is certainly money. Many the student population are under the impression that they have to either choose to go to a traditional college and face mounting debt or overlook it altogether to seek work.

A further falsehood circulating about high school students is a feeling that a college degree is not necessary for getting a job. Even though a degree is no guarantee of future success, numerous reports have proven that college graduates make considerably more money over their working career than those with just a high school diploma. Another heartbreaking figure shows that virtually 30% of young adults will end up in the legal system. When young adults are not in school and unable to get employment, they sometimes end up in legal trouble.

Sorry to say, most people are not aware that they can receive a college degree by taking courses online through a distance learning institution. Online universities provide them the versatility to attend college at the same time working a full time job. Preparatory students should be informed with reference to alternative options that are out there for obtaining an university degree.

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