True for all other kinds of design elements and basic principles of web design. These principles will show you the most effective way to connect the various elements of design to come up with a good and effective website. Good company stresses the fact that web design is not just about slapping all those HTML tag page, but it includes the principles of a pleasant and useful design. Your company will need you the most aesthetically attractive and effective web design, so make sure you keep these items in mind:


Web design balance is divided equally between heavy and light elements on a separate page. Balance of your web design is focused on your page layout. Visual balance you achieve your web design all throughout the site, not only to the original image. Web design company you can usually offer you the center of the text and all other elements on the page. It is also very common to set your site invisible grid system in equilibrium, that you need to create. There are three types of equilibrium that can be achieved by creating the page.

Symmetric. This is achieved by providing all the elements, even in fashion – the heavy-element on the left is matched with another right. Be careful with symmetrical balances as you do not want to make your site look flat or plain boring.

Asymmetric. It is difficult to build, but there is a strategy to achieve this objective, which may include a variety of textures, colors and image positioning and size to come looking for a nice page.

Unbalanced. Symmetric. Off-balance sheet items, web sites, which indicates an action or motion, so you can create a contradictory design goals. This type of design, the audience uncomfortable or uneasy, because they make the best use, that people think of sites that are allocated.


Web design contrast is more than just the color and black or white, but also involves contrasting shapes, sizes and even textures. You can change the font size, weight and family to provide the contrast of text and images in various sizes and features that take full advantage of the contrast. But be careful not to bang your readers or scare them off with contrasting colors that are too loud. The content of your references should be contrasted with, and draw most attention.


Web design includes the main focus on things when your eyes are drawn to the design. One of the mistakes that your web design company may warn you not to do anything to stand out design. Keep in mind that if you all have the same design note, the page will tend to appear too busy, comfort, and can lead to unattractive. What you should focus instead on creating a visual hierarchy of web design – to focus on just the right elements. You can use semantic markup attention even without the style, change the font size of the image size to reduce the attention or the attention, or you can use the extra attention to the color contrast.


Web design rhythm, also known as repetition, provide a much-needed inner harmony to your web site. Almost all of the design elements can be repeated to create a pleasing rhythm to your design. For example, you can repeat his title several times as many of the same image across the page, to create a backdrop, tile and patterned repetitive elements, or repeat a certain style of site design consistency. It is also a good idea to repeat the navigation throughout the web pages of your site’s design elements.


Web design unity, as well as proximity to the site is what keeps all the similar elements like the site and the different one from another, and pulls everything together into one whole. Unity, when it comes to web design is mainly achieved through proper placement layout. You can implement a variety of ways. For example, you can change your screen layout, they are close or far away from each other. Your site, you can change the spacing around the content of your page text. In addition, you can achieve the unity of the box features to play around and change the margins and padding.

A good web design company committed to memory all the key design elements of each page and collaborate with. In this way, you and your web design company will come with web sites that are looking for a pleasant, efficient and attractive. As a web designer, it is important that you keep in mind these elements and their proper application of your web design page.

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