Any prudent company owner wants to look through a complete list and full descriptions of what a phone service provider can do for a business phone. In deciding which is the best, being informed as to what telephone companies can give you in terms of an effective company telephone is vital.

Here are two types of phone service you can select from:

1. Landline – this phone system can be provided to you by a local phone company. This traditional telephone system is the easiest type of to acquire. For the installation process, you can just call the local phone service provider and personnel will arrive at your place. You do not need any prior infrastructure or any requirements to be able to use a landline system right away. Landline systems still operate with PSTN phones even if they might be digital.

2. VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol technology lets you perform telephony functions over the internet using your office computers. This kind of phone system is entirely dependent on computer hardware, software and net connection. If the computers are outdated or the web connection is very unreliable, you cannot use phone services at all. Keep in mind that this type of system is dependent also on your computer’s power.

Every phone service features a specialty or an especially advanced phone feature that they are good at providing. Here are some possible telephone functions these forms can offer you and what you need to ask them to ensure that they do let you use the functions properly:

1. PBX – a private branch exchange can be a good company telephone system. You can get a physical PBX from a landline company like one seen in hotels and large offices. Virtual PBXs could be acquired from VoIP firms and still function on office computers. Once again, you should see if your IT infrastructure can handle the audio data transmission a VoIP system requires.

2. Tollfree numbers – all phone service providers can offer you an 800 number because the number is usually tied to the subscriber and not the phone company. You have to check the rates each company applies to the numbers along with the minutes phoned to them. To maximize the capabilities of your number to attract clients, you may also want to choose a phoneword or repeating pattern of digits. Still, VoIP firms charge much less for these numbers than local telephone companies do.

3. Fax functions – local phone companies can offer different fax machines for you to choose from, but you have to know that every fax machine is different from another even if they perform exactly the same functions. It can also take some time to learn how to use a fax unit. VoIP service providers let you use your e-mail to fax, and is a more convenient way to fax.

If you have determined what kind of phone service provider and features you want for your company telephone, you can have your company telephone installed.

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