The non-writer staring at a blank document and trying to do the copywriting for business is really staring straight up at a tall mountain.

Optimizing copy, or text, for keywords has been going on since Google was born, and it still is worth your time if you want to rank highly. If you’re not used to writing this may seem to be challenging at first, but in the long run, learning how to optimize your copy with the right keywords will help you immensely because a page that isn’t found through the search engines will lose a lot of traffic. Never engage in keyword stuffing with your content, or anyone else’s, and just make it read well. Generally speaking, you should not have any difficulties working with this format as it is pretty straightforward.

Copy has to be written for the particular audience it is addressing, and that is an extremely important point to bear in mind. Your aim should be to use the thesaurus, if you do use it, and not abuse it. These things are a real judgment call, but the point about academic words is universal with copy and marketing. The best approach with any copy is to make it relatively simple and always totally clear. So, nothing too fancy or too simplistic, and as usual you can learn by studying what is easily found online.

If there is no way around something taking up your time when you are trying to write, then it may be best to just call it a day until you can give your full attention. So that is something that will happen from time to time, and you just have to deal with it in some way. If that has ever happened to you, then you know very well what needs to be done and why.

We have all had to deal with this many times, and so maybe after a while you will be able to filter out the noise and write.

Remember that copywriting is one of the most valuable skills you can learn as a small online business owner.

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