Almost everyone has to put up with a certain amount of stress, and the effect it has on us depends on how much stress we experience and how well we respond to it. Many serious health conditions are now believed to be caused by stress, so learning how to control stress in the management of life has become very important. There are many different possible effects to stress in a person’s life, and we will look closer at some of them.

Heart disease is increasing, and so is high blood pressure, and they both can be attributed to too much stress, and its dangerous effects. All kinds of problems can happen in your life, when you have high blood pressure, and one big cause of it is stress. Living in stress causes many problems, such as heart problems, stemming from hardening of the arteries. A lot of diseases are a symptom of stress, so curing the disease comes from getting rid of the stress. Learning how to deal with stress can be one of your best decisions, since it is the main reason for many of your health issues, even life-threatening ones.

If you have problems with your hair, nails or skin, stress may be playing a role in these, as recent research indicates. Studies have linked stress with many such skin conditions, as well as hair and nail problems, including hair loss. Skin inflammations can be worsened by hormonal activities, which can be triggered by stress. It’s been found, for example, that people with skin conditions tend to have more rashes, breakouts, pimples, etc. when under stress. While you may need various remedies for your skin, in the long run, managing stress in your life may help to improve the health of your skin. There are many reasons for hair loss, many of them hereditary, but in some cases stress can be a factor, and the same is true for early graying of the hair. There are instances where a person will go through an extremely stressful period and either go gray or lose their hair almost all at once.

Doctors and researchers still don’t agree whether or not stress actually causes diseases such as cancer, but at the very least it seems that it can make it harder to recover from chronic illnesses. Whether or not stress causes cancer, studies do suggest that learning how to deal with stress can reduce the chances of recurrences or having the disease spread. The simple notion that only people with certain personality traits get cancer is generally dismissed by doctors and researchers. Stress management, though, does seem to be relevant when it comes to recovering from many illnesses. We’ve discussed a handful of the common consequences of stress, but there are many others as well. Remember that there’s no law that says certain things have to cause stress -it’s always possible to learn new ways of reacting, or not reacting to circumstances. It’s hard to live a stress free life nowadays, but you should do everything you can to prevent stress from being a constant presence in your life.

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