Surgical microscope are stereoscopic and feature the ability for the user to adjust the level of magnification. Due to the spread of microsurgical procedures through the various surgical disciplines, the surgical microscope has become a valuable tool in the operating room. Microscopes are used to provide magnification and illumination in order to view objects during intricate surgeries.

Surgical Microscope constitute one of the most advanced and impressive categories of equipment available through Medical Supplies & Equipment Company. Surgical microscopes are instruments used for a wide variety of surgical procedures and are frequently used in ophthalmic surgery as well as in neurosurgical procedures to a TV monitor. The use of these instruments is very helpful for diagnosis and research in clinics and operating rooms for surgical procedures.
A wide variety of surgical microscopes are available, but that chosen should provide a comfort a Pharmable working distance between the objective lens and the surface of the eye, as wide a surgical field as possible, a good depth of focus. Operating microscopes are a valuable aid in many procedures and are essential for microsurgical techniques. Most surgical microscopes provide a stereoscopic view. Surgical Microscopes. Good optics are vital to successful cataract surgery. Surgical operating microscopes use a series of glass lenses to produce an enlarged image of an object that is too small to be seen

We are in the field of manufacturing Surgical Microscopes. Our range include various types of surgical microscopes such as Dental Surgical Microscope, Ophthalmic Microscope, Neurosurgical microscope, ENT Microscope. Surgical Operating Microscope comes with Indian Optical Head and have step magnification 4X, 6X, 10X, 16X, & 25X with fiber optic cold light source 15 Volt 150 Watts and other light source option.

As the use of new technology such as Surgical Microscope, endoscope, neuronavigation. The operation impact is improved very much meanwhile the fatality rate and the rate of deformity is decreased substantially. During surgery, this microscope will be draped with sterile sheets. the microscope moving in and out of the field. Use of microscope adds to the efficiency and safety of the procedure.

The operating microscope was chosen for this purpose both for its current use in the surgical field, thus offering a fairly invisible interface for such a system, and for its optics\\\’ potential ability to display directly for the surgeon. Operating microscopes are a valuable aid in many procedures and are essential for microsurgical techniques.

With the progress of science and development, ophthalmology operation has entered into microsurgery era. The use of surgical microscope, not only make the doctor to see the operation area of fine structure, and can be the naked eye can\\\’t complete all kinds of microscopic surgery, greatly expand the scope of surgical treatment, improving the precision and surgery patients cure rate. At present, this has become regular medical equipment.

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