The worst part about cardiac arrest is that by the time the signs are obvious it’s typically too late to help the sufferer since their heart has already ceased working. Fortunately, in many cases there are warning signs and risk factors that can at least help predict the possibility of cardiac arrest, and in this article we’ll be looking at some of these. When it comes to cardiac arrest it is imperative to immediately get the heart working again.

It’s important to realize that cardiac arrest can happen to people with or without signs or symptoms, but certain factors make them more likely candidates. People with diabetes or who are obese have a higher risk for heart conditions and/or cardiac arrest. Recreational drug use causes irregularities in the heart which can lead to cardiac arrest. Many drug related celebrity deaths are the direct results of cardiac arrest induced by a drug overdose. There are many things that can cause cardiac arrest and they aren’t limited to a history of heart disease. In addition to a wide range of medical conditions, some accidents and specific types of trauma can also cause a cardiac arrest. Things like choking, extreme cold, or electrocution can also lead to cardiac arrest. While it’s true that any of these situations warrants medical attention the need is more pressing and immediate when it comes to cardiac arrest. If no pulse is detected CPR or the use of a defibrillator is needed immediately. Either of which can save the life of a person who is in the middle of cardiac arrest.

Cardiac arrest, along with other heart conditions, can also be the result of certain birth defects. One of these conditions would be an enlarged heart. Taking the right medicines and monitoring the heart properly can lower the risks. In the end, some patients are encouraged to use an internal defibrillator for protection. Cardiac arrest may happen to anyone but birth defects and other pre-existing conditions can increase the risk.

Cardiac arrest remains a very real threat to human health despite amazing advances in recent years in the medical field. Although there are general risk factors and warning signs to watch for, it can happen to anyone. The one absolute sign of cardiac arrest is that the heart has stopped beating and that it why stimulation needs to be applied immediately. Rest assured that the signs and symptoms above may be able to help you predict when cardiac arrest might happen or it might not.

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