Texas is a huge state filled with all kinds of companies, from big corporations all the way down to small independently owned businesses. The down turn in the economy has taken its toll on both big and small businesses alike but the bigger corporations have more of a cushion to fall back on, more places to cut their budget and better protection from the rise and fall of the market. Small businesses on the other hand, are not so lucky. Many of them have less than 50 employees, making layoffs a huge problem for operation and cutting down on productivity. So when many of these businesses feel the squeeze they turn to Texas small business loans for help to make ends meet and make it through the difficult times.

Unfortunately for many small business owners in Texas, this does not turn out to be a viable option as many of the traditional sources for Texas small business loans are no longer providing the same kind of services they had been for years. Because of the credit crunch and the unpredictability of the market, many of these lenders have become more conservative and restricted their already rigid standards for approving Texas small business loans. It used to be that an owner with a solid credit history, a good business plan and a great application was likely to obtain a Texas small business loan from a bank or credit union or even find capital with private investors. This is no long true as the market has cut back severely on the Texas small business loans approved by these traditional funding sources.

There do exist, however, many alternatives for small business owners in Texas. For some it means packing in, cutting costs and using savings. Some manage to get loans from family or friends or by selling personal assets. These are few and far between. Most small business owners don’t have this luxury. So where can they turn for obtaining Texas small business loans? Some will apply to contests and grant programs but for most it means finding alternatives to Texas small business loans such as merchant cash advances. Merchant cash advances aren’t technically Texas small business loans but they do provide businesses with funding they need quickly and efficiently.

A merchant cash advance is technically a purchase and sales agreement as apposed to a Texas small business loan. The business owner sells their future credit card sales to the funding source and receives the money from the sale to use as they see fit: for anything from payroll to expansions, improvements and even second locations. And, as apposed to many traditional Texas small business loans, merchant cash advances are unsecured and don’t require collateral. Also, instead of deadlines for paying back a standard Texas small business loan, Merchant cash advances are paid back through future credit card sales. Every time an owner makes a sale, a small percentage is wired directly back to the funding source. This means that the owner does not have to worry about paying back a Texas small business loan even though business is slow. With merchant cash advances, the advance gets paid back as money comes into the business.

Texas small business loans,
Texas small business loans

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