One of the greatest queries vacationers have is the place to stay. You would think that, for a traveler destination like Thailand, this may be a simple query. Easily, with the resorts, hotels and Thailand villas all-around, selecting should be the very least of your concerns.

Your answer to that particular query would depend largely on the reason you are in Thailand to start with. Are you there for a swift spin on the attractions? Perhaps you just want to fill up your Facebook with pics of you on a Thai beachfront, all tanned and looking exotic. Did you have this vacation to charge up and experience life in full?

The abovementioned seems like an exhausting path to take about a vacation. You most likely just want to get your baggage, go ahead and take first flight to Thailand, and arrange the best available room in a typical hotel similar to a large number of holidaymakers before you.

Absolutely nothing is wrong with that. It is a flawlessly smart way to take a holiday. Resorts and hotels offer this kind of tourist the most suitable choice. You wish to give attention to your trip. There is little time and a multitude of locations to see. Book a room, drop your bags, hail the very first tuk tuk you see, and let the hotel personnel handle the rest.

If instead you’re in Thailand since you would like a change of pace and scenery, you’re likely to be missing out on a lot by remaining in some hotel, irrespective of how 5 star the places to stay are.

Thailand villas can be quite a better option. Typically, these are cottage-type setups with a bedroom or two. Quite a few even have kitchen areas. A common design would be for several of these cottages to be in a complex. A pool would often be present.

When compared with rooms in hotels, Thailand villas might need just a little do-it-yourself. Usually, there is absolutely no one to provide you with room service. No one will clean your room (when you are there, at least) and there is no assurance of a laundry service for your clothes. Some luxury Thailand villas may have some or many of these services, but assume that many might not.

In return, you get a magnificently appointed house for the rest of your stay. The lands are landscaped and kept clean. You may hear very little noise other than what nature makes. The air is probably the cleanest you have inhaled in a good, long while. They build these as near as possible to beach locations and also other nearby destinations.

The local flavour also adds to the exotic feel, leaving little doubt that you are in a different place and not just another city. A good example is the Koh Samui village rentals. One of the top destinations in Thailand, tourism has definitely left its mark on Koh Samui. The villas, though, maintained the local look and feel while sporting modern features.

Additionally, Thailand villas offer you a kind of privacy hotels and resorts never can. Even when fully booked, these villa complexes rarely house more than a few people. This makes it perfect for those looking for a little solitude.

Thailand villas might not have the amenities of a five-star hotel, but you did not go to Thailand to experience that, did you? Peace and quiet. Solitude and scenery. These are what your vacation will have if you stay in Thailand Villas.

The author is a travel writer who does reviews of villa rental Thailand and highly recommends Koh Samui villa rentals.

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